I need help with buying private health insurance

I am in Indiana and unemployed and considering moving to either Illinois or California to look for work next year.

I do not have health insurance, but am in fairly good health and I am wanting to buy a plan that is for catastrophic coverage. I really do not need primary care, preventative care, prescription, dental, etc as I can cover those out of pocket. What I want is health insurance with a reasonable deductible (preferably $2,000 a year or so) that I can use in case I have a severe illness and 100k+ in medical bills. I am looking for catastrophic health insurance that covers hospital.

On ehealthinsurance.com I can find catastrophic plans for someone my age for about $80 a month.

However, I had a severe mental illness as a teenager which was never properly diagnosed or treated. When I was in college I decided to see a therapist to talk to him about it, and he gave me medications. However I didn’t need them, I just want them as a security blanket.

I have not had symptoms, but when I apply for health insurance one question they ask is ‘have you seen a psychiatrist in the last 5 years’.

So now I am stuck. I cannot lie as that will get me rescinded. But if I tell the truth then I am going to be denied for pre-existing conditions. I haven’t had any symptoms in about 9 years, so I’d be willing to take a pre-existing condition exclusion for mental health coverage if at all possible. I do not want or need mental health coverage, I want catastrophic hospital coverage.

I have also heard that once you are turned down for health insurance coverage, then it becomes almost impossible to get it after that because other companies use that as an excuse to deny you.

So I am in a quandary and don’t know what to do.

If I apply and am turned down, I don’t know where/how I’ll get catastrophic coverage unless I move to one of the handful of guaranteed issue states.

Indiana has a high risk pool I can enter. However I don’t want to live in Indiana. Nor do I need a high risk pool since my pre-existing condition is not causing me problems and hasn’t for years.

I would be willing to take a pre-existing condition exclusion (where I agree not to get payments or file claims for mental health issues), but do not know if I can do that in Indiana or with which plans.

I’m lost.

I’d be willing to buy insurance where I have to travel to Mexico, India, Singapore, etc. to get treatment if I have a severe condition that require months of intensive care (cancer, etc) however I would still need coverage for emergency room visits in the US. Health insurance in mexico is supposedly only a few hundred dollars a year. However I’m not a citizen down there and don’t think I’d qualify. I think I’d rather get my healthcare in a foreign country anyway since ours is such a joke.

Really, your best bet is to contact a licensed health insurance agent. I’ve done a little office work for a relative who is one, and he handles all the sorts of problems you’ve mentioned. It’s not completely impossible to get coverage if you’ve been denied before, but it can be more challenging. An agent knows all the ins and outs and can get you set up a lot faster.

I’d like to offer more encouragement, but my daughter has been turned down for every type of health insurance by every company in this state.

But if you haven’t had problems for several years, and you never took any prescriptions, it might not be as bad as you think.

Talk to a broker and make sure you explain very carefully what you were and weren’t treated for.