I need ideas for bitter drinks

I’m trying to cut back on the amount of sugar-filled drinks I consume. The next obvious option are drinks that focus upon a bitter taste. Late at night, however, I don’t want to load up on coffee or tea. Are there any other comparable bitter drinks I can enjoy? Or variations of coffee and tea that are decaf and I might not have thought of yet?


Edit: it’s not bitter, but it still might solve your problem. Have you tried unsweetened seltzer? A couple of years ago we bought some on a whim, and since then we go through a bottle or two a day: you can drink as much as you want with no calories, and it’s fizzy goodness.


Grapefruit Juice.

Tonic water is tart but maybe not the “bitter” you’re looking for. Herbal teas like nettle or mint might be alright. I’m pretty sure they’re caffeine free.

I love the stuff. You can get it with light flavoring, still no sweetener. I love the lime flavored seltzer. If I want something a little sweeter, I add some cranberry-pomegranate juice, which is still rather tart.

Before you start gulping down grapefruit juice to avoid sugar check the [[URL=http://www.thecaloriecounter.com/Foods/900/9123/1/Food.aspx]nutrition](grapefruit juice nutrition) information. Eight ounces of grapefruit juice has 21.9 g of sugar, only 4.5 g less than the equivalent volume of cola.

First, make the drink. Then, let it work a few years in the corporate world, and make sure it sees less capable, less conscientious drinks get promoted past it because they’re ass-kissers. That should do it.

I like to have a gin and tonic of an evening, myself. It reminds me of my grandmother. (It’s her 93rd birthday today, I might add.)

That’s sour, but not really bitter. It’s not completely not bitter, but sour and sweet are the dominant profile, for sure.

You might really have meant bitter, but a lot of people confuse sour & bitter, it seems.

What’s not bitter? unsweetened seltzer or beer?

Beer can definitely be bitter.

Try Yerba Mate

I think you can get it in Obama Country.

It is basically chopped up holly leaves, that are dried. Add to a cup/gourd and add hot water. It is drunk through a straw with a filter at the end.
Oh yes, there will be bitter.
It does have caffeine type chemicals , but to be honest, it really does not make one jittery at all, I quite frequently drink it late afternoon and evening, when coffee would be a big no no if I had any plans on sleaping. Clearly YMMV.
It is quite relaxing to drink as one keeps sipping slowly and topping up with hot water, and this extends the drink out.

Tonic water is also loaded with sugar, IIRC. More than most sodas.

Depends on the type of grapefruit, but grapefruit is most definitely bitter, in my opinion. It’s a mix of bitter, sweet, and sour, but I find the bitter in some of the yellow-fleshed varieties the dominant flavor.

Commercial, mass market grapefruit juice squeezed from ruby grapefruit might be more sour than bitter but I can assure you if you drank some freshly squeezed yellow grapefruit juice, you wouldn’t mistake the bitter.

If you can find Schweppe’s bitter lemon that would probably fit the bill. But lemme know if you find it, I haven’t been able to, and neither have they.

ETA: Rum, bitter lemon, ice. Best thing on a hot day!!

There, there, Baldwin. it’ll be okay… :stuck_out_tongue:


I keep a big bottle of lemon juice around.

A squirt of it into a glass of water makes it taste good, even if it’s warm and in a plastic bottle I’ve taken on the road.

Another thing to try is reduced concentrations of drink mixes.

One scoop of gatorade in a quart of water tastes OK.

You can use a can of lemonade concentrate in a gallon of water and it still tastes good.

Most bottled fruit juices taste fine if you fill half the glass with water.

Spend $20 on a sink tap filter. It screws on to replace the aerator. I keep a half gallon container of filtered water in the fridge, and it hits the spot with nothing else in it. Bottled water is for chumps.

Polar has a long list of flavored seltzers. No calories, and a bit of bitter, and can be anything from lemon to lime to pomegranate to raspberry.

Wait, why is that the next option? It’s your tastes that run to sweet and bitter?

Now that I think of it, most diet sodas have a bitter undertaste. Diet Coke, for sure. After eight years of never drinking regular soda because of diabetes, I’ve come to like and even look forward to that hit of bitterness you get with the first slug of Diet Coke. It’s like being abused but being unable to stay away.