I need my favorite chili recipe...but it's gone

The recipe is Wasco Bob Chili (or possibly Wasco Bob’s). I got it out of a newspaper years ago and it’s great–lots of spices, lots of depth, not too hot for kids.

So I lost the recipe. I discovered this some months ago, looked for it, and finally decided the ancient decrepit piece of newsprint had just disintegrated and I should write the recipe down somewhere else. But first I had to find it. So I googled, and…I found it.

But did I write it down? No, I did not. My tragic flaw: “Hard drives come and hard drives go, backing things up is pointless, and anyway–it’s on the Internet and it will be there forever!” Ha.

I can’t find it. I’ve googled “Wasco Bob” and “Waco Bob” and “Wacko Bob.” I’ve googled “prizewinning” “cookoff” “chili” “recipe.” I’ve googed “Texas chili recipe” because I seem to remember that the chili cookoff in question was in Texas (but not Waco, and not because of the similarity of Wasco to Waco).

Why, oh why, would a great recipe like this, printed in thousands of newspapers, decades ago (at least one decade), be removed from the Internet?

I faked it, but I couldn’t remember how much beer and I could only remember about 8 of the seasonings. Pity me, and if you have the recipe, post it or a link.

Wasco Bob Chili

I used Ask.com

And yet again, the Dope subscription pays for itself! Thanks, ouryL. Recipe now saved in two places.

It is a bit different than the original. The original called for browning and caramelizing the onions and meat together, then adding the seasonings and beer. And I’m pretty sure it called for a clove of garlic rather than garlic powder. (I guess these modifications could have been the food editor’s.)

In tonight’s version, I completely forgot the tomato sauce. It was pretty good anyway.

I found yet another one.Wasco Bob’s Chili 2. Sorry about the musical link.