I need pants!

I am looking for pants.

Specifically, Umbro (or another brand, I know Umbro makes them) 3/4 training pants.

They’re shin-length, elastic-cuffed, elastic-and-drawstring-waist track pants, for lack of a better term. Soccer players seem fond of them.

Nobody in the US near me stocks them, and Umbro itself has only one style available online, and it’s national-team-style gear and priced appropriately.

I bought plain black Umbros in London when I was there, so I know they exist. I was hoping some Dopers could help me find them for a reasonable price (I paid 8 pounds sterling, as opposed to the 20-some-odd they want for the national-team style.).

In which forum would I place such a request? Or, could a kindly Mod move this post to the appropriate forum?

Gondor has no pants. Gondor needs no pants!

sounds like a GQ.

Gondor Question? I always wondered what that stood for.

How do you tell them apart from Gondor Debates, though?

I’m sure this is an urgent need, but it’s really more of a GQ problem.

I’ll move it over there for you.

your humble TubaDiva
“Sing the praises of pants.”

You might try EBay or PriceGrabber.


IMHO. Moved to IMHO.

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I’m wearing them right now. Only mine are 4/4.

Training pants…heh…I thought you were shopping for a toddler!

No. I’m not shopping for a toddler. Shopping for a toddler would be easier.

These are the pants. But I am not paying thirty bucks for them, and I am certainly not wearing anything glorifying England.

Can anyone help me out, finding these in basic colors?
Brand isn’t important. Price and location are.