I need peanut butter frosting!

Help!! Does anyone have a recipe for good peanut butter frosting? I’ve tried several different variations, and I haven’t found anything that’s good enough. I want a substantial frosting with a good peanut buttery taste. I’m getting desperate here, because brownies just aren’t the same without some nummy pb frosting.


Magic Eyes, the bakery I worked had made peanut butter icing. I used to put it on the chocolate cake doughnuts. yum

We made standard vanilla icing and put peanut butter in it. I believe Skippy was the preferred brand of choice.

However, I can’t tell you the ratio as we made it by the tubfull.

Have you tried vanilla icing w/peanut butter?

Mmmmm…tubs of frosting! Sounds like a fun job.

I haven’t tried vanilla icing with peanut butter, but I’ll check that out.

Thanks, Lilacs!


OK, here is my Mom’s peanut butter frosting recipe, which I love. DISCLAIMER: This was done from memory over the phone, but it sounds about right to me:
[li]1 box confectioner’s (10x) (powdered) sugar[/li][li]2 tablespoons margarine, room temperature[/li][li]1 teaspoon vanilla[/li][li]3 tablespoons smooth peanut butter[/li][/ul]
Combine all ingredients. Beat until smooth. If this is not peanut buttery enough, add additional peanut butter 1 teaspoon at a time, but do not add too much or it will “get nasty” (quote from Mom).

I can vouch for this frosting, as I used to specifically request it for my birthday cakes. It should make enough to frost a 9"x13" cake generously - I would recommend doubling the recipe for layer cakes. Excellent on deep dark sinful chocolate cake!!

WARNING: This frosting gets “crusty” as it sits out. If you want it to be soft, serve it fresh. (I liked it “hard,” so Mom would make it in the morning and let the cake sit out all day.)

If it doesn’t turn out right, let me know and I will give Mom the what-for.

Mmmmm…sounds good! Especially that “deep dark sinful chocolate cake” part.

Thanks for the recipes–I’ll be doing some testing this weekend.