I need protest chants for Quebec City

I’ve been delegated to prepare protest chants for my school’s FTAA-Alert group for the protests in Quebec City in April, and if you had any good ones I’d appreciate your sharing them with me!

I could be of more help if I knew what the FTAA-Alert group does and what you collectively are protesting. (I know where Quebec City is [I think].) And dumb question - in French, English or both?

This Sucks! This Stinks!!!
This beer isn’t fit to drink!
Down with_________!
_______ Can go jump in a lake!

_______If I ever get my hands on you, you dirty SOB I’ll wring you neck!

Go over here, go over there, run around in your underwear!

Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats Hooooo!!!

1,2,3,4, hey! ______is such a bore, hey!

Rick 'em, rack 'em, rock 'em, ruck 'em,
Get out there and really… fight!

So… what are we protesting?

  1. Too.
    Too Legit To Quit. (repeat)

  2. We must
    We must
    We must improve our bust
    The bigger the better
    The tighter the sweater
    The boys like us better
    And so we must (repeat)

No male strippers, please.

The FTAA - Free Trade Area of the Americas, basically NAFTA’s ugly big brother - is going to be negotiated at a private conference in Quebec City on April 20-24. Huge protest movements are mobilizing.

Issues: increased corporate control, giving up of national sovereignty and concomitant loss of democratic control and protection of social programs, environmental regulations, and trade and fiscal policies.

Well, if anyone actually bothers to do a Yahoo search (during which I found a picture of the OP under an article in the McGill paper “McGill students running for political office”, they’d know that FTAA-Alert is protesting the FTAA, the “Free Trade for the Americas Act”, which would make all of North and South America a free trade zone. Even though I’m the wrong person to ask for chants, (I support free trade), you could try something like, “Canadians before corporations”, “No free trade for freeloaders”, “Protect Canadian jobs”, “Human rights, not corporate rights”…that’s just off the top of my head…nothing all that catchy, but they’re simple, and sometimes that works best.

Hey Hey
Ho Ho
Treaies that break down barriers, promote the rights to trade amongst consenting individuals, create jobs, increase economic welfare have got to go.

It’s a private conference. In other words, your presence is not requested. Why make a nuisance of yourself and go where you are not wanted? :slight_smile:

I’ve got a hard time believing these are the actual topics on the agenda of this conference. And if they are, they missed the all important item of: Public Beatings and Tear Gassing of Uninvited Protesters and consiencious Objectors, plus, Jailing and Cavity Searches for Organizers and Insighters.

Oh, I don’t know. Maybe to register our irritation with the fact that decisions with grave impacts on at least an entire hemisphere are being made behind closed doors in an undemocratic process?

Tretiak: How about:

Free trade loves me, this I know,
For Jean Chretien tells me so,
Democracy won’t last for long,
But at least your stocks are strong.

Yes, Free Trade loves me,
Yes, Free Trade loves me,
Yes, Free Trade loves me,
Jean Chretien tells me so.

You don’t want to call it “free trade”, though. “Free trade” is really happy sounding…who can be opposed to free trade? You need to find a term that sounds more sinister.

Like “freebooters”?

[screeching halt]

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Nowmycomputerathomeisjustlikethisveryfastmakesyerheadspin. I love it. I have the answers I need in seconds rather than hoping the damned computer didn’t freeze up on me again.

Next week (uh huh) I am due to get a new computer at work. For now, I have to deal with this plastic box full of “brown squishy stuff” and a mouse that drops the trackball every so often (pain in the neck crawling under the desk to retrieve it).

Please realize, it’s not that some people are too lazy to do searches, it’s just that we might not have the best equipment and a 40 oz cup of coffee to sip durning the time waiting.

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