I need some chipotle seasoning. (Dried)

Basically, I’ve become addicted to Kroger’s chipotle fried chicken they sell in the deli. The only thing that keeps me coming back is the damned seasoning. Unfortunately, they don’t sell just the seasoning. Nor is their any chipotle seasoning in the spice isle.

I see there is lots of dried chipotle seasoning on Amazon. Anyone here have a favorite brand that they use? Lot’s of other recipes I’d like to try this on besides fried chicken.



In one.

Mrs Dash has a chipotle version that is available just about everywhere.

I’m a big fan of anything Penzey, but the link above is just the ground chipotle pepper. It’s not a spice mix by itself.

It’s the start of a damn fine mix, and I’d love to hear other’s recipes for a spice mix.

Mine is below, adjust to taste (more chipotle for more heat, or add cayenne or other hot chili powder);

    1/2C   salt 

1Tbs each:
Garlic Powder
Chili Powder
Onion Powder
Chipoltle Powder (x2)
Cinnamon (1/2)

It’s more of a “spicy salt” than a true spice mix; chipotle, cajun, creole or otherwise.

I order spices from Olde Westport. They don’t show everything on their website, mainly just the spice mixes, but you can call them and ask for anything you’d like.

I use the Knorr chipotle cubes to spice up hummus and pizza sauce. They look like bullion cubes, but they are crushable in your fingers. Be prepared to then immediately wash said fingers before you rub your eyes or use the bathroom.