I need some Halloween help, St. Louis Dopers.

I have a question too mundane and pointless to go to GQ, so I thought I’d ask for help here. Every Halloween season, my twin brother and I usually visit a commercial “haunted house” attraction as a sort of sister-brother bonding thing. A few days ago, my father mentioned hearing an ad on the radio for a local St. Louis attraction that only admitted people 18 and over, due to the graphic violence portrayed.

Now, both I and my brother are adults and can usually handle that sort of thing. But I want to check out the place’s website to see exactly what qualifies it as an “18 or older” sort of haunt. The trouble is, Dad can’t remember the name of the place, only that it was either in West County or Wentzville. An online search has only garnered the sites of such places as The Darkness, Silo X, and Lemp Mansion. None of these sites mention anything about having age restrictions. Has anyone heard anything about this? Thanks in advance.

I haven’t heard of anything like that but then I don’t listen to the radio much lately. If nobody comes up with anything by the time I leave work, I’ll stop by Johnny Brock’s on the way home (W. county) and see if they know of anything like that and one of my neighbors, who is a halloween freak.

I’m sorry to bump this, but I’m really getting desperate. My mother heard the same ad on the radio this morning, but couldn’t remember the name of the attraction either. Grrrrr! I want to think it’s Molly Crenshaw’s Haunted Forest (in Wentzville), but they don’t mention anything about an age limit on their website. If I didn’t know better, I’d say my folks are playing a trick on me. But they don’t seem the sort.

I haven’t heard anything about any age restrictions on any haunted houses either. What station are they hearing this on? Maybe you can call the station.

My father couldn’t remember what radio station he was listening to when he heard the ad, and my mother thinks it was 93.7, the Bull. I’ve e-mailed the marketing director and asked. Thanks for the suggestion.

The people at Johhny Brocks didn’t have any idea what I was talking about. I asked around here and there and didn’t come up with anything. Sorry I couldn’t help.

Try this.

[sub]So, I cheated, I found an ad for it in the RFT[/sub]

Thanks for the effort, Turbo Dog, and thanks for the link, Tequila Mockingbird. Now I feel silly for listening to the radio until 4 a.m. this morning to hear the ad. But I heard it.

They called me mad! They said I’d never find that haunted house! But it is THEY who are mad! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I FOUND IT! I FOUND IT!

Ahem…yes, well…um, thanks.