I need some help from our Pennsylvania Dopers...

I’m going to check the online papers for the next couple of days, but I was hoping anyone in the area of Donegal/Somerset could help (I’m not sure what news station covers that - maybe Pittsburgh, but I’m not sure).

We went to a wedding in Harrisburg yesterday and we were driving back today on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. In between Donegal and Somerset, near mile marker 109, we were about five cars behind a car when it completely flipped, hit the median, and crashed into the concrete barrier in the middle of the highway. We stopped, along with about six or seven other cards, I called 911, and after we’d let the police know, we got out to see if there was anything we could do.

One of the women who had pulled over was a nurse, we think, and she was trying to help the people in the car, but she had two small children, around 2 and 3, in her minivan, so she asked us to stay and watch her kids while she helped with the injured - so we stayed with the kids and talked to them so that they wouldn’t get upset. They pulled a small child out from the car, who looked okay, thank God, one older man, and two younger men from the car - one of the younger men looked pretty awful, and the other two looked like they were in and out of consciousness. The police arrived with ambulances and fire trucks, and we were a little worried about the car igniting - I was ready to jump in the minivan and drive the kids up to a safer place if the woman gave the word - as it was, I had to pull it up with the kids in the car at the direction of the cops - they wanted the cars on the grass, so I just got in and moved the car with the kids in the back. I have never been so nervous about driving someone else’s car, even if it was only about five feet - but the woman understood, obviously, when she came back. Eventually, the medi-vac helicopter was going to land, so the cops told all of us to go ahead and go, so we ran for our car and left (we ran because the helicopter needed to land where we were, not because we wanted to leave).

So I am hoping someone will see the news in that area since we live nowhere near there and let me know if the people in the car are okay. We’re extremely concerned about the family, and we really want to know if they’re okay. Like I said, I’ll continue to look in the online news sources, but if anyone watches the news in that area and sees anything about it - it happened around noon today, an older sedan with four African American passengers - a small boy, an older man, and two men who looked to be in their early to mid twenties, and it happened around mile marker 109 on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, I-76 westbound, between Donegal and Somerset. I would really, really appreciate it if someone could let us know if there’s any news about it.


The phone number for the local Johnstown news/talk radio station is (814) 255-4186. They might know something. Or, you could call the PA state troopers at (814) 445-9606; this is the Troop T barracks in Somerset County; they’d be the ones who handled the accident. (Troop T is responsible for the entire Turnpike system.)

Keep us posted.


You’re great, thanks - I didn’t even think about that. I’ll call them in the morning when they’re not so swamped with holiday stuff. I think three of them will be fine, it was one of the younger men who looked pretty awful.


A check of the AP state wire (I work at a newspaper), shows nothing yet, but that doesn’t mean anything. It’s a holiday weekend, so this may only make the wires if there’s a death involved, or if the accident closed the turnpike.

You may want to check the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Tuesday for any news.

I did check our wire service, too (we use MetroSource), but I can’t search for anything other than today.


Thanks to both of you - I appreciate it very much.