I need some portable brunch ideas please.

I want to treat my family to brunch tomorrow morning, but I need to prepare it today and then transport it to them tomorrow.

I need some ideas please. Got any?

You’ll need to reheat so:

I wouldn’t suggest eggs.
Bacon ok in microwave.
Pastries, muffins can be warmed in an oven.
Bagels can be toasted quickly.
Fruit salad can be kept cold, and yogurt.
Home fries can be warmed in microwave.

Crepes with bacon and home fries. You could make multiple fillings for the crepes, which would be cool.

A nice eggy quiche would transport and reheat well, and is good cold too. Make it with bacon & spinach and it’s nicely breakfasty. Add a side of fresh fruit and a muffin, pour some cold OJ (or better yet, Mimosas!) and you’ve got a lovely meal.

Or (if you have cooking facilities where you’re going) gather all the ingredients for a breakfast burrito. Chop all the veggies and meat, whisk all the eggs, put everything in separate containers for transport. When you get there all you have to do is scramble the eggs, warm the tortillas, and assemble them. Add fruit & muffin too if you wish, and suitable drinks, and you’re a hero :slight_smile:

Can you prep ahead of time and bake it there? If so, then baked French toast. (I’ve never used that recipe - it’s just an example.)

Banana bread, or any kind of quick bread

Noodle kugel (I’d add a couple of grated tart apples to that recipe)

Spanish omelet (tortilla espanola) works just fine prepped ahead of time

You could bring a breakfast casserole layered with bread, meat, and cheese:


or bagels with cream cheese, smoked salmon, tomatoes, onion, etc.

Fruit salad is a good side.

You don’t say whether you will have cooking time/facilities at the other end, so I’m sticking to picnicking type ideas here.

Marinated mushrooms and broccoli are always a hit. Rolled up bits of ham or prosciutto. those can also mix nicely with cheese and/or melon. Some oven-heated rolls can turn the finger food into a sandwich for the little’uns.

A nice lemony or herby mayonnaise is also a great flavor boost for dipping or sandwiching.

Pre-sliced tangelos or grapefruit are convenient and energizing.

Blueberry muffins are great, or use the same recipe with more creative fruit combinations. (Strawberry and rhubarb bits rolled in a touch of cinnamon and cardamom are outstanding.)

Pancake batter baked in muffin cups with butter and maple-sugar chunks on top.

Baby carrots with ranch dip are an easy and inexpensive addition to make the spread feel more expansive.

Thanks for the ideas everyone, I ended up with a vegetable frittata and hash brown casserole, but
my daughter has two babies in diapers, so I try to cook for her often. I think I’ll try the Kugel next week, that looks interesting.

Thanks again.