I need some shocking images so my GF will give up smoking

My GF is considering giving up smoking, but she says she needs an extra push. Namely, she wants to see the horrible consequences of smoking on the long run so she’ll be disgusted and have a vivid image in her mind everytime she feels like a cigarette.
Can you help?

There’s a whole bunch of them here. If this doesn’t do it, nothing will! BTW, I successfully quit over a year ago. I hope she can, too.

How about the image of putting that $3 a day into an account. Let’s say $20/week…or just round it to $1,000/year…How old is she? Young I guess, so she’ll have 50 years left. Unless she smokes of course.
That’s an easy 50K w/out figuring the interest. If it’s never touched in all those years, she should have a damned nice nest egg when she retires. Anybody got a chart handy for a $1000yr invested for 50 years. How much are we talking about?

If that 401K plan doesn’t interest her then show her this.

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Do a Google image search and you’ll come up with fun pages like this. :eek:

Oops…my link is the same as Q.E.D.'s. Must have searched for “smoker’s lung,” eh?

Despite the gory anti-smoking ads that screen here in Victoria, Australia, I wasn’t inspired to quit. What actually got me off the cigarettes was the Quit Meter from http://www.silkquit.org/. I just couldn’t stand to reset that little bugger after it had been ticking over for hours and hours. Also, discovering that my nicotine habit was costing me 1 cent every three minutes of every hour of every day was a bit of a shock.

But don’t be a pain in the ass about it. No one could have convinced me to quit if I wasn’t ready, and people shoving gory images in my face would have just got my back up. I had wanted to quit for years before I did it - I just didn’t think I had the strength of will needed. People hassling me, telling me I was going to suffer and die and that I needed to quit only made me miserable and angry.

I don’t know about her, but in my case it had to happen to me. I think it is the same effect as in war. I.e. “This is dangerous as hell and some of those guys are going to get badly hurt.”

This site claims that the final amount would be $1,000,000. I’ve heard that many times but never did the math. How’s that image, your g/f can be a millionaire if she’d quit smoking? :eek:
I could go to my family cemetery and take photos of my g-parents headstones. One had lung cancer the other emphysema.