I need tasty foods.

I’m on steroids at the moment for a bad bout with arthritis. The thing that bugs me the most is that I absolutely have NO taste buds left. Everything tastes terrible. But add that to the fact that I’m ravenously hungry from the steroids, and it gets worse.

I need good, tasty, non-spicy foods that might break through this yucky taste in my mouth. I’m disappointed because my best friend and I are heading out to see Sutton Foster in “Me and My Girl” in Pittsburgh this weekend, AND we’re going to the Melting Pot for the first time ever (she’s been, I haven’t), and now I’m afraid I won’t be able to taste anything. I’ll be done with the steroids by Friday, but the lack of taste will stick around for awhile.

So, what can I eat? Anyone have any good, strongly-flavored foods I can try? I’d like to hit the grocery store tonight. The nice thing is, I’m hungry but I hate eating, so I might actually lose a little weight on these things, but I like food too much to NOT eat, if that makes sense.

And I’m still very upset about possibly having a bad Melting Pot experience. So anything you can suggest that I eat there would be helpful, too.


I don’t know what sorts of things you like, or how you define “spicy,” but here are some strongly flavored foods.

cheese: especially blues, fetas (my favorite of the pungent cheeses), extra sharp cheddars, or Stilton with fruit

ham with horseradish (do you consider horseradish spicy? I love to eat it when my sinuses are wonky, which is most of the time)

colas–okay, so I’m addicted. Sue me!


veggies in the cabbage family–addicted again

onions and garlic

spaghetti sauce



I don’t know anything about the Melting Pot so I can’t help you there. Sorry.

I actually LOVE spicy food, but I’ve noticed that when I eat a lot of it when my taste buds are dulled like this, I end up HURTING about fifteen minutes later - because I can’t taste how much I’m eating to begin with. Does that make sense? And yes, I LOVE horseradish with a passion. I would eat that on everything if I could - thanks for the reminder, I may have a hamburger with horseradish tonight.

The cheeses are good, too - I’ll have to pick up some brie and Stilton tonight, too. Damn, mr. avabeth’s going to wonder what the occasion is!

And surprisingly, I can not drink cola on these things - I had a Coke yesterday, and it made such a sour taste in my mouth that I couldn’t even finish it. I did drink a Diet Code Red and a Vanilla Cream Soda, which were slightly better, but not much. I’m thinking vodka and cranberry is good, but maybe not during lunch (although it might make the day pass faster).

Now I’m dying for cabbage and spices - that sounds really good right now.

Thanks for the suggestions - I have a few ideas for grocery shopping tonight now!


Were we separated at birth? I thought I was the only person who gets so attached to horseradish.

I meant to mention sauerkraut.

Other things that came to mind:

Rye or pumpernickel bread.



Mmmm…I wonder if I can convince my mother-in-law to fix up a big batch of chicken curry for me this week. That would solve a lot.

And I wasn’t quite so into horseradisch until I moved in with the guy. He loves it on everything, and I sort of fell suit - it’s so good! I’ll have to try it on a ham sandwich, though - that sounds delicious! (My dad also makes a killer Bloody Mary with horseradish - I’d be happy to pass along the recipe if you want it).


Garlic. There’s never a reason to not eat garlic.

During a recent bout of tsome flu-like ailment where my desire for food became nearly non-existent, I found that the new drinkable yogurts actually worked pretty well. While I wouldn’t call them exactly exciting, they’re tasty enough, and an easy way to suck down a few hundred calories and some vitamins.

How about Chinese food. Ginger and garlic are both supposed to be good, safe anti-inflammatories.

Ginger would be my first suggestion too. Cinnamon, nutmeg, lemongrass, cilantro, parsley, black pepper; all good strong flavors without being capsaicin-style “spicy.”

Well, if you like spicy foods, my first thought was Wasabi Peas. You can buy them at almost any grocery store nowadays, and they’re perfectly yummy. So yummy, in fact, that I have stopped buying them after I ate the last can I bought in about 30 minutes.

ooooo…the Melting Pot! I love the Melting Pot!

Their menu is posted online. www.meltingpot.com (darn Windows XP pro… just got it, won’t let me link in the usual way and I haven’t figured it out yet. apologies)

I would recommend the “Center Cut”, cooked coq au vin style. You get a nice portion of filet mignon, and they have some gfreat sauces to dip it in (including a curry sauce, and a horseradish sauce). Enjoy!

I would suggest Asian foods. Not the spicy Asian foods, but the non-spicy ones. It seems to me that food of that continent has more flavor in it.

(By Asian I mean pretty much everything, from Chinese to Indian to Korean to Middle-Eastern.)