I need the Chinese characters for "please read this later"

Title says it all. Oh, one more thing: would they be written top-to-bottom? Thanks!

I can’t answer the first question, but for the second: Either way is fine. Top to bottom or left to right. The former would be more traditional.

Google translate says:

(simplified) 请稍后阅读本

(traditional) 請稍後閱讀本

Not being learned myself in this fine language, I leave it to the Chinese-readers among us to clarify whether these translations are actually appropriate.

I think that comes across overly formal, like “Please peruse this momentarily”.

“等一下讀這個” would be more like “Read this in a bit”. There may be dialectal differences in the grammar though – which version of Chinese does your target audience speak or where is s/he from?

And don’t write it top-to-bottom unless you’re going for dramatic effect. Nobody does that anymore in casual settings.

Though top-to-bottom is still used lot in Japanese, e.g., for dialogue in manga.