I need three sets of Jenga and an Xbox - Stat!!

Actually, its only the last word in the title that I’m interested in - what does it really mean, and where does it come from?


From the Latin word Statim - immediately

Asked and answered - many thanks…


What would you ever need more than one set of Jenga for? And an X-box? Dude, that’s an obsolete system.

I understand that your question was answered, but that doesn’t excuse you!

To go with the bathtub of Lime Jello and the elephant…duh!

This is a quote from a Jon Stewert story. It had somthing to do with Troops in Iraq but all I remember is the punch line.

It was from The Daily Show’s report on shoddy conditions at Walter Reed. Some government stooge had talked about hos nice the day rooms were or something, even while whole buildings in the medical complex with roach-infested shitholes. The comical request for Jenga and X-Box was Stewart’s sarcastic comment that frivolous recreational matters were being used to distract from legitimate medical and sanitary demands.

Indeed so - I wondered whether anyone would recognise the reference!! Kudos all round.

P.S. The government stooge was in fact the general bought in to command the hospital after the one who was there was fired. I believe he was fired a couple of weeks later.


As an additional point, a friend of mine who is a final-year medical student informs me that this phrase is never actually used (I know, this is more IMHO than GQ). Instead they say “as quickly as possible please”, in the UK at least. One would have thought that this overlooks the point of having a short, easily-understood word to express the same thing, but apparently politeness is paramount (my comment, not hers) :).