I need to find a geezer, and FAST!!!!!!!

The United States Congress is seeking a history of Veterans of any war from WW1 to the Gulf War

So, my English teacher volunteers me for the job. I figure that’s great; maybe get an A on the biggest grade of the year, get some community service out of it, and perhaps spend some time with an elderly veteran who helped to basically save the Free World during the second World War. She specified it had to be WW2 only, but she allowed for “exceptions” for people who were just civilians at the time or in an allied country. I, the no good youth, figure it would be a good lesson to learn. The most I ‘know’ about WW2 is through movies, HBO original works, and video games like Medal of Honor. But in the Arnhiem Knights level, I reflected on what my current situation in that level was and the levels before it, the way FPSes make it very first person (obviously) and what I’ve absorbed through the mass media and was actually moved. If that means anything. I almost started a thread on it: “The PS2 game and how it helped lead to Blackeyes to a newer understanding of WW2 Veterans.” It would’ve been neat, maybe. But in perspective unimportant and nothing short of stupid glurge.

Most people interviewed their grandparents for the Veteran’s History Project but I did not have that much of a luxury since my grandparents live too far away and are either deceased or Nazis during the War. I figure that’s alright, because my Wonderful Amazing Extraordinary English teacher [sup]TM[/sup] who has never steered me wrong has a list of vets who volunteered and that’s fine by me. I’m more than happy to interview a Mr. Scott.

So the other day I pace for half an hour trying to come up with something appropriate to say to a man whom I’ve never met before to ask if he would still be interested in telling me about his time in hell. So eventually, I get around to calling Mr. Scott. Seemed like a nice guy; trouble is he didn’t know what the gosh darn heck I was talking about. Doesn’t know what I mean by the Veteran’s History Project or who my English teacher is or anything. That’s just great, isn’t it? So apologize for bothering the guy, he says it’s alright and I hang up. Then I wonder how I could have gotten the man’s name and number supposedly correct if he wasn’t aware of this whole affair at all.

I ponder my predicament. All it seems I have to do is interview a former soldier for a little while, and get a narrative of their life then. Then type out the transcript, maybe some background information (my lovely teacher was not very clear on all the information needed for her) and some pictures and give a copy to her for the grade. Then a copy to the vet and if he wanted a copy would be sent to the National Archives. I would take an evening to do that final stuff, and I could have it done by the time it is due this Friday (yup. I’m in a tough spot). Trouble is, I can’t find any old people. And it’s not as if I could just haunt the Early Bird Buffets in town and go up to those guys as they eat their hard-earned Freedom Breakfast and coerce them into telling me about Hitler. So, I come to the Board for help.

Are any Dopers willing to be talked to for this? If you wish to have this sent to the Archives, the Library of Congress requests an audio or video taping of the interview. So, for travel reasons only Dopers in the north Houston area would be workable for that. However, you do not have to live in Houston if you would be fine with contact through the Internet that is more than absolutely wonderful by me.

What do you think, guys. Could you help me out here?

PS, FYI, and BTW - the title was a harmless joke, destined to be the punchline to another joke in the latest ‘Sequential Threads’ thread.



You could look at Old Country Buffet.

Oh no, I just realized this could be taken for a disguised “kin u help me wit my homwk???//” thread. Darn. I hope it is not taken that way. But then again, a thread on downloading soft-core porn in the Pit turned into a violent attack over racism.

Meant it as a joke dude/dudette.

I got whatcha meant, Forbin. And smiled too.



Have you tried calling any nursing homes/retirement villages/facilities in your area and asking for help?

Also, I can’t recall the names of any at the moment, but there may be some lodges or clubs specifically created by/for WW2 vets. Try looking in your phonebook or online.

where are you?

Maybe try the VFW (veterns of foreign wars) in the phone book near you.

Amvets would be a good place too. DAV (Disabled American Veterans) also.

American Legion, in addition. Also, you might see if you have a VA in your area (Veterans Admininstration). My father is a Nam vet, works for the VA and I’m sure would be willing to help, if you run out of options, you could call him. (I say this because I think a geezer would get more of a kick out of being interviewed than my Da would.) Email me if you want to do this.

Considering that your main objective is to get a WWII vet you might want to ask a mod that this thread be changed to “I need to find a WWII veteran to interview… and fast!”

Here’s a link the the main USMC message board site and (many) forums

Marine Corps Message Boards

Lots of veteran get together oriented stuff.

Whew When I saw the title, I thought this was going to be some kind of Anna Nicole Smith thread…

blackeyes, call the Veterans Administration Hospital on Holcombe in the medical center. I’m sure they could hook you up with a willing veteran who would love the opportunity to share his experiences.

I did a rotation at a VA hospital, and a few people were doing this. You can find sample questions here. Just remember that most of these people take their service experiences very seriously, so be respectful and take the time to listen to their stories. You won’t be sorry.

Yes, the VA Hospital is probably the way to go. As jmpride62
said, be respectful. We owe these guys and gals a lot. You’ll might learn more than you want to.

Personally, I think that WW II from the perspective of a Nazi would be an interesting topic. Not necessarily their cause, but what it was like for the German people during the war. It would have to be worded carefeully, of course, to avoid looking like you support the Nazi creed, but it would certainly make your paper unique. Could you possibly interview them over the phone?