I need to find small zippered bags to organize the inside of my purse...

You know the kind of thing… rectangular, simple, maybe the size of a 4x6 index card… zipper on one side… useful for sorting out things in one’s purse. One for makeup, one for loose change, one for nail clippers and chapstick and whatnot, one for pens…

Except I have no idea what they’d be called and my Google fu is experiencing epic fail tonight.

Most importantly it has to be cheap. I’d make them myself but I’m 100% swamped with school and it will never happen :confused:

Anyone know what I’m talking about?

Something like these? My husband has one of the larger ones for use as a toiletry bag in a carryon. It’s damn near indestructible.

Linens & Things and Bed Bath & Beyond both have lots of little mesh and fabric zippered bags that would be perfect. I also check the “travel” section of the drugstores.

I scored a great one a couple of years ago- a small, leather zippered pouch for small things.

If I find some on my next trip to the store, I’ll email you pics and if you like 'em, you can have 'em. Might be a few days, though…

Try searching on cosmetic bags, too. Here are some.

A lady I know from another board makes these and sells them on Etsy, a craft site.

If you want to have the zippered pouches incorporated into the bag, you might want to take a look at these from the Bagg Lady.

I use Ziploc sandwich bags as organizers. They’re not classy, but they’re cheap, easily replaceable, and they have the benefit of showing me exactly what’s inside each one without having to open it. Great for failing memory days.

Target and K-Mart have these kind of bags, in the cosmetic aisle. They’re a couple of bucks each.

Maybe check your local head shop?


No, I have a purse I like. I want bags that I can take out that have my stuff sorted into them.

I’ve used ziplock bags but they aren’t durable enough and shred within a few days.

A lot of the suggestions and links on this thread are really helpful! I’ve looked in the purse section of stores before but all I can find are like little leather clutch purses and stuff, and I absolutely refuse to buy anything leather.

I second Target. I bought a set of zip-top black mesh bags there a few months ago for that exact reason, to be able to organize my purse but still be able to see what’s in the little bag thing. Got them cheap, a set of three in different sizes, where the cosmetic bags are. They’re stiff, too, which is good because then they don’t slouch down to the nether regions of your purse, never to be found when you need them.

I found a clear one and a non-clear one at CVS as well as a pencil case type one that I put my little notebook and all my pens & pencils and the Sharpie that I always have on me into. My purse is so much more organized!