I need to know something about Heroes, hopefully without any other spoilers

OK, here is the deal. I know that of all the people in the world, you people will be able to give me just what I need. I just started watching the series Heroes on Netflix and I like it so far (lotta people to keep track of, though…) Anyway, I will put a box around my own question in case anyone has never seen it at all (I’m just in the first season, I think maybe 5 or 6 episodes? Can’t remember.) However, ever since I had a kid of my own I have a really hard time watching or reading stuff where a kid is sad or gravely injured or something (somewhat limiting, but there it is). Soooo… In the story line with the little boy whose dad is named D.L. - forgot his name - where horrifyingly his mom has this evil twin persona who apparently killed some people and framed D.L., D.L. has just taken off with the son and left the mom, who is now distraught. The boy is obviously also distraught. Last thing I remember was that he asked his dad if his mom is OK and says, “We left her on the floor!” What I need to know is, how long does this horrifying storyline go on with the boy being ripped from his parents and watching them beat the crap out of each other (or whatever - she kicked him and he went flying across the room) and obviously being traumatized? Augh I can’t stand it. I need to know if he suffers endlessly forever or if this little evil plotline is resolved anytime soon. If it goes on endlessly, can you please tell me what happens - in just that plotline only - so I don’t have to be in suspense? Actually, regardless of how long it goes on, can you please tell me what happens with the boy so I can just take myself out of that part of the story? Thank you so much in advance for your assistance! I know I am pathetic but I can’t help it. If you can’t provide the information I seek without slightly spoiling other storylines, that’s OK.

The family conflict is resolved around episode 11, but the parents dont have a very happy storyline after that, due to other people. The kid himself is OK but a bit sad in some places.

Thank you. Follow-up questions if you will indulge me:

So the family, all three of them, are together, including the kid? But it sounds like life still generally sucks for the kid? Is she going to continue to do evil things as her evil twin? It’s weird that I want this much info because I usually hate anything being spoiled. Thanks…

[spoiler]Yes, she still does evil things, and the family is together. At some point in the fighting between Jessica and D.L., Micah gets hurt (not seriously). That puts Niki (good twin) back in control and she turns herself into the police to keep her family safe. The bad guys get her out of jail so that they can use Jessica as an assassin, but Jessica doesn’t fight with D.L. any more because she doesn’t want Micah to get hurt again.

I forgot before, but later in the season Micah gets kidnapped. Jessica and D.L. have to work together to save him. He doesnt get hurt by the kidnappers or anything; they want to make use of his powers.[/spoiler]

Do yourself a favor and don’t watch anything beyond Season 1.

We should add this is not because of what happens to Micah, but rather because everything after Season 1 really sucks.

Especially if you’re Caitlin.

Was she

That woman that get left in the alternate future that never happened, so she basically ceased to exist?


Thanks all. I’m sorry the show becomes so sucky so fast since some of the premises are cool.

I would still keep watching, just for some of the cool stuff they do with Sylar, but overall, yeah, the show just got a lethal injection of stupid from the writers strike in mid season 2 (which turned out to be the end of season 2) and never could find its footing again.

I will tell you something not-bad but possibly spoilerish about Micah’s personality, though:

He’s a very resilient kid.