I need to share because it made me laugh

Cats can now visit Human Sanctuary :smiley:

Human Sanctuary for cats in Maui

I want to go to that place.


Amusing, and not without perspective on human-caused environmental damage in Hawaii.

However feral cats are a serious problem in the islands.

“Feral cats are one of the most devastating predators of Hawai‘i’s unique wildlife. In addition to direct predation, feral cats also spread a potentially lethal parasite (Toxoplasma gondii) that contaminates terrestrial, freshwater, and marine environments and has been shown to negatively impact birds and mammals – including humans.”

Feral humans have done more damage to the birds of earth than cats ever have.

We cage them, eat their eggs, wings and breasts, even stuff our pillows with their feathers. Birds live short, brutal and terrified lives in our care.

The ones we leave free fare even less well. We shoot them, net them, set hawks upon them and scoop them out of the sky with our jet engines. The ones that survive all of that…have to deal with our cats.

However, I do see your point about the problem in Hawaii. Brightly feathered chirpy birds are a cat’s favorite thing, and the feral cats must be thriving over there.

If only we had a sanctuary for both humans and cats. :cool:

Not all birds. Sounds like an okay deal for the hawks.