I need to weigh staging truss, where would I look?

We put up stages for concerts. We want to get our specs together, starting with weighing our component pieces. Who would have scales open to the public? I have been doing preliminary searches in Google and the Yellow Pages, not sure where to focus. Scrap scales usually just weigh your truck with/without the load, that wouldn’t work. Thanks for your help.

I am the clerical support person, I am not a tech or engineer.

Why don’t the scrap scales do the job for you?

ETA: What’s the weight range? You can weigh large things with multiple bathroom scales.

Thanks for your suggestions. My boss wants to come away with a weight certificate. I will check at the scrap yards to see if they will weigh individual items. We also thought maybe a freight company might do it for us.

Call local shipping companies.

Call your local FedEx, UPS, or airport, see if they’ll let you use one of their scales.

I’ve worked in warehouses that had some pretty big scales. I think it’s possible that an auto shop might have something like that, too. What kind of a weight range are we talking about? My reaction is 100-500 pounds, but I know that there are some really huge piece of truss out there that might weigh even more.

Who built your truss? Both Thomas and Tomcat can provide you with a full set of specs for every piece of truss they build, including corner blocks and custom curved pieces. Just give them a call.

ETA: Any reputable truss and/or rigging manufacturer should do this.

Sorry I left this thread hanging. We’re on the phone now with a guy up the street that may be able to do this for us. I’ll come back when I know. Thank you all for your replies.

If worst comes to worst, find a truck scale. Weigh truck with truss. Remove truss, weigh truck again. Subtract.