I need your mental energy to help me through this.

There’s a monthly meeting here at work where many of the VPs and important customers get together and… well, I don’t really know, go over what’s new I guess.

I’ve been tapped to “demo” a new portion of our website for this group at 11:30 EST, and I have no idea what to do. It’s a function that’s been developed and is being maintained through a vendor, and I’ve had minimal experience with it. The woman who works with that vendor, however, isn’t comfortable with the computer and actually using this thing, and my boss is out for the day, so it’s up to me. I should be going over the pages right now, but they’re so simple… and that’s part of the problem. There’s not a whole lot to say about them, and I don’t know how long I’ll be expected to take.

I just hope it doesn’t take long. I’m so nervous. Say a little prayer (or whatever it is that you do) for me in hopes that I don’t end up making a complete ass of myself and ruin any hope I had of having any respect here.

Excuse me while I cower in the corner.

Good luck! Let us know how it turned out.

I bet you’ll do fine. I’ve found that even the minimal computer/internet expertise that I have blows away most of the people above me/in positions of authority. To them, what you’ll show them will be like introducing fire to the cavemen. Remember, a lot of these people have problems just composing emails.

Good luck!

Has Bill Gates ever run a demo at COMDEX that didn’t crash? At least you are in good company if yours does.

Oh, and if they don’t give you a specific guideline on how much time to take, just say what there is to say, and don’t worry about how much time it takes up.

And trishdish makes a really good point. Don’t worry about your minimal knowledge, because you are just about guaranteed to know more about it than anyone else in the room.

Chances are the others in the meeting will appreciate a short but sweet presentation! If they have questions, they will ask and that is much easier!

<hijack> To the OP: I just moved to Seattle from Burlington! How is the old home town? Also, given the size of Burlington, is it possible that I know you?</hijack>

Any way, best of luck@!

Well, I’m waiting for them all to come and fetch me for this thing (it’s a small portion of a 3 hour meeting, so I don’t really know when exactly I’ll be summoned). I’ve really got to go to the bathroom, but I can’t leave my desk. Well, if I finish this bottle of water quickly I can always use that.:wink:

Binarydrone, Burlington’s great! Sort of warm, cloudy and rainy, but what’s new? It’s possible you know me… I’ve lived in and around Burlington my whole life. However, that life is only 22 years old currently.

Off the top of my head I can’t think of anyone I know who’s recently moved to Seattle though.

Well, you should be in the meeting by now…good vibes are goin’ out to you!

So it didn’t happen. The summons never came. This is either good because they decided they didn’t need me or bad because they expected something other than what I thought the plan was. Oh well. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

Thanks for the good thoughts all. Wait a minute… perhaps the combined powers of your minds, all focused on alleviating my stress, caused the meeting to cease to exist, as it was the main cause.

:eek: :eek: