I needed the Pit, and it... it just wasn't there

I finally get the chance to call someone out on the mat for a good, solid, pit-slapping… and it’s on the wrong message board. No pit to be found.
I had to call them out in the regular forum. It just wasn’t the same :frowning:

Maybe I should provide a link to the pseudo-pitting, so someone can critique my performance.

Her pit-worthy comment can be found here the second post by DDA one up from the bottom of the page.

My reply can be seen here

If you’re further interested, the posts she’s attempting to call me out on are here (bottom of the page) and here top of the next page.

A word of advice: Don’t post a link on that other board back to here. The administration detests board wars. That is all.

Oh, dear god no. I certainly hope no one posts over there, either.

Besides, a board war, or showing her up isn’t the point–I just wanted her to be careful about using rhetoric in the guise of training advice.

Good enough. And from what I can tell, you did good over there. You want I should piss you off, so you can have a proper Pit experience? :smiley:


Unless it’s about dogs or animal husbandry in general, I’d probably get stomped :frowning:

Looks airtight to me. :slight_smile: You were polite as well, which is a bonus.

There’s another board that I frequent as much as this one. I wish there was a pit there; ignorance and intolerance (I’ll leave it at that) is breeding. I doubt it will come to pass, as even the discussion of politics (in the Miscellaneous forum, at that) is banned

To the Pit. Don’t post this link over there, please - but of course you realise that.