I noticed powerade comes in 28oz bottles now instead of 32oz bottles

Rest assured, I was on the internet within minutes, registering my disgust throughout the world.

Guess I’ll switch to gatorade. It costs a little more but it is still 32oz and tastes better anyway.

Maybe nobody can be trusted with too much power. You’d have to add more responsibility.

Also if you overload on electrolytes too late in the day, your glowing body can make sleep difficult for yourself and/or your partner.

I still get my Gatorade in 32 ounce bottles, but now it’s missing either half or all of the calories.

What the hell is happening.

Lame rant, should be moved to MPSIMS.

ETA: When the new posting rules are adopted, Wesley Clark would have lost his posting privileges for 10 days.

The esteemed Mr. Clark’s greatest error was in reporting how he registered his extreme dissatisfaction with the volume of Powerade beverages, and not presenting such vitriol here directly. In so doing this thread is not Pit-worthy. I declare that we need a great deal more profanity and other offensive hyperbole regarding this subject in order to bring this endeavor to proper fruition. Proceed with the proper ranting forthwith!

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Damn. I’m the vanilla ice cream of rants. Too bland.

that’s an old trick to avoid raising the price.

Is it in an interestingly-shaped bottle with a tiny neck?

That’s another old trick to make it look like the volume isn’t any less

Yeah, but only dorks drink Responsibilityade.

I use Powerade powder mix. But the stores around here don’t sell it anymore. I have to get it online in bags. Bags? How barbaric.

And Gatorade just plains tastes awful in all forms and flavors.

At least it still got what plants crave.

[Codger]I wish to voice my displeasure at your ice cream section containing such over the top flavors such as “chocolate” and “fudge”. And do not get me started on the abomination that is “Neapolitan” God must be spinning in his grave over such foreign flavors in our country’s freezers…[/Codger]

Meh, as long as it still has electrons

In case you didn’t know, this is shrinkflation.


Powerade is what the sports teams at Florida State drink. The original name was Seminole Fluid, but it didn’t sell very well before the name change. I accept nothing but pure, genuine Gatorade.

Yeah but gatorade is the official drink of skeet shooting, and when someone wins a contest it is tradition to pour it over the winner while yelling ‘skeet skeet skeet’

Nah, I’m sure they’ve done it for our convenience.