I ordered from Chewy.com

So I have a tendency to forget to buy cat litter, and then to forget to bring it in from the car when I do get it (which pisses my husband off to no end). We have a division of chores, and the litter is on my list. Plus, picking up cat food is a pain in the ass because they go through it, and it’s also heavy.

Chewy ships for free if you order over a certain amount, and it will put you on a reship schedule if you want, which gets you a discount.

So I decided to browse the website.

They don’t have generic cat litter, but they have the very cheap Tidy Cat, and their prices compare to discount stores. They have packs of canned food that come in varieties, so you are not stuck with one flavor because you ordered a 12-pack. My cats are not especially fussy, they just don’t have the same favorites. So one day, one of them sucks down the can, and another day, the other one does.

I used to have them strictly on dry food, but because I have reasons to worry about pests, I put the dry food away at night (when bugs tend to come out), and split a can between them right before I go to bed. They eat the canned for more readily, so I can then rinse out the bowls.

Anyway, I placed an order with Chewy. It arrived in two days. The stuff was all fresh and undented, untorn, etc.

So if anyone is thinking of using the service, I’ve had a good experience.

Anyone else used it?

My dogs’ food is on autoship. I love it.

I’ve used Chewy quite a bit. The dog food I use get was (is) expensive and it’s something like a few more dollars for a ton more food to go that route. Free shipping, fast shipping etc.

Plus, the first handful of times I could use a deal. There was a new customer deal. Then I used a deal where I got a bunch of money of to ‘subscribe’, but cancelled the subscription as soon as it shipped. I also did the exact same thing at Wag dot com. Now, whenever I need food, I check both of those sites and see which one I can get the best deal on, with whatever coupons I can find, deal they’re running plus if you keep digging, there’s usually a few other things. I think American Express cardholders can get a certain percentage off right now at Chewy. If you use UPromise, they usually have rebate on one of the site and, while I’ve never used Ebates, I’ve heard good things and I wouldn’t be surprised if there was something there as well.

TLDR, I’ve used Chewy, I like it, I’ll use it again. Also, check out Wag.

I use it; wasn’t sure about the autoship but I just set it for as far out as possible (4 months, is it?) and then when I need dog food soon I hit “ship now”. so far, it’s all good.

I have friends who use it, with no complaints. I reeeeaaally want to use it, but I’m hooked in with a local independent pet store. The owner trained all my dogs and I want her to succeed.

Her shop has dumb hours and it’s a crapshoot as to whether she will actually be open on the posted hours at all. Several times I’ve gone out there on a Saturday and she wasn’t there. I ended up at PetCo because I was on my last kibble.

I hate having to make plans to go out there, hate having to haul the food around, and I’m not saving any money by buying from her. But dammit…loyalty.

That was part of my reason. My ex (and her mom) and I have ‘split custody’ of the dogs. A while back her mom changed up the food to some stuff that you can really only get at one store in the area that has some wonky hours. When I started getting it on line I got this sob story about ‘but they’re a local independent store…like you…don’t you want to support them?’, ‘sure’ I said 'but they charge $52.99 for a 12 pound bag and I got a 25# bag for $75 online. I wouldn’t be surprised if my customers bought something online if they could get it for that good of a deal (and if my store wasn’t open before noon and wasn’t open on weekends and wasn’t open weekends or tuesdays).
(In case anyone cares, we were using Royal Canin, which is kinda pricey and now we’re using Now Fresh, which is even more expensive. However, I’m a strong believer in not thinking of expensive foods as expensive, but rather thinking of cheap foods as cheap. Also, having the dogs bounce around between multiple houses means the food lasts quite a while)

Nearest store that carries my two dog foods is 20+ miles and in another state. Chewy is a fabulous option.

I’ve gotten orders in less than a day… order midday or afternoon, arrives about 10 am.

I use it for wet cat fuds. I love it. I usually get my order the day after ordering. the only thing I don’t like is they don’t take PayPal, so I end up using my debit card. My friend has 5 cats who all eat different fuds, so she’s on auto-ship.

I’ve used Chewy a bit, but I prefer Amazon. With Prime (which I’ve had since they created it) you get free two-day shipping on any $$ amount. I get cases of canned cat food (2 per week) and big bags of dry cat and dog food. I do get litter at the store not online.

BTW–and here’s the voice of 40 years of cat ownership speaking-- saving money by choosing litter based only on cost is false economy IMHO. I use The World’s Best Cat Litter and it lasts FOREVER if you scoop the clumps daily. Yeah, it’s pricey, but I might buy a small bag three or four times a year. I have three cats.

Duncan and I are doing the Chewy thing. He loves it. Well, he really doesn’t care as long as his bowl is full.

I’ve been ordering there for a couple of months now. It’s so much easier to have 50# delivered to my door than to go shopping for it. I always order a few bags of treats to bring my total up to the free shipping level.

I just placed an order for this very reason! We recently switched foods, and our dog is doing very well on the new stuff. But our local stores don’t carry it, which means I have to hike to the next town over to buy it. In checking Chewy, they have both the dry and canned versions, along with the treats, which are impossible to get here.

If the shipping is as good here as y’all are saying it is for you, then I’ll use this place more.

Well, if you see a headline “New Englander Eaten by Great Danes” you’ll know I cut the order time too closely. :slight_smile:

Their prices on some brands are pretty good compared to retail, but are right in line with most shelf prices for the Fromm’s I order. I’ve read some bitching from maybe a year or two back that Fromm’s was apparently discounted a bit and quietly went to a higher price. I don’t mind. The convenience, with no shipping charges or sales tax, is worth it.

Haven’t found a way to get my loyalty-program bags, though. Not sure if Chewy has any way to redeem the UPCs or if I have to be a bit of a jerk and do it with a local store.

I’ve used Chewy in the past and had no problems.

A friend of mine had a cat that all of sudden decided he no longer liked the wet food that his owner had just gotten a new case of from Chewy. When my friend contacted Chewy about returning it, they said, don’t worry, we’ll refund you the price, but just donate the food to an animal shelter instead of returning it.
Probably makes good sense for them rather then dealing with the logistics of a return, but is also very good from a customer service point of view.

Chewy has given us exceptional customer service over the past few months. I highly recommend them for staple items.

A lot of times consumable stuff cannot be returned, even if it isn’t opened.

I recently ordered from Starbucks and they accidently sent me a box of K-Cups, which I cannot use since I don’t have a K-Cup machine. When I called about it, the customer service rep told me they couldn’t take them back since they were considered consumables, and to just give them to someone who could use them.

I’ve used them a few times; the orders consistently arrived after two days with no problems.

So… do you order chewy items from Staples.com?

I think this is where The Killer Elite get all their pig’s ears and nasty chew-em-up stuff.

You certainly could.

I loved Chewy.com. Used it when my cat, Baxter (RIP), was eating prescription food. Reasonable prices and great shipping.