I passed a (potential) fellow Doper and didn't even say hi

Just whining about how lame I am, though maybe some other folks would like to post their “thought I saw someone I knew and did nothing” tales as well.

Last week I’d traveled to Madison, WI for a couple days to see friends; it’s the home of my alma mater, plus I have friends and family there. I was walking along the sidewalk around the Capitol building with some friends, when I saw two people walking the other direction. Suddenly I had the impression that one of those two might be yojimboguy. I did a double take, looked, but couldn’t be entirely sure - I’ve only ever seen him in one picture from the last ChiDope. My friends kept walking and talking. The man and woman heading the other direction did likewise. I walked along with my friends.

When I got back home, I E-mailed yojimboguy, asking if I’d missed an opportunity, but no - it wasn’t him. I felt better, but still kind of silly that I hadn’t spoken up. The risk of some momentary embarrassment only, and I clammed up. Sigh…

I’ve done that. Not only were they actual Dopers, but they were Dopers I’d arranged to meet.

“Is that him over there? Naaah… although… might be…”

I out-lame you. :smiley:

This in no way explains why you came up here without dropping me a line!

She never calls, never writes… she USED* me and cast me aside. What’s a guy to do? :smiley:

*by “USED” I mean exchanged email.

Don’t feel bad. The follow-up thread to one of the early DopeFests (St. Louis, IIRC) started out as, “Where were you guys?” And it turned out a few were at the bar, but they never hooked up.

That’s why we wear the funny hats.

I thought I saw manhattan (the mod, not the island) at a train station. I thought of saying hi, but then decided if it really was manhattan, he’d just judo chop when I tapped him on the shoulder from behind.

That Manny. He’s scary.

Yeah, I wrote poetry and everything.*

I didn’t say anything because I had 2 days and potentially more people to see than I could fit in as it was. Plus, I’m just lame that way, as demonstrated above.

*Well, OK, I discussed one of Eliot’s poems.

I hope you used protection.

egg :smiley:

Ya’ll need to get yourself some nuts. They make you easy to identify.

DaLovin’ Dj

Plenty to choose from, Dj - about 25,000 here!

Yeah, I have Norton installed.