I passed the NCLEX!!!

I’m a Registered Nurse! Happy, happy, joy, joy!
Meaningless, pointless but I MUST share!
I already landed my dream job and now I get to keep it!:slight_smile:

Much Congratulations!


WOW I bet that HURT!!!:smiley:

I have a pain… here, in my shoulder. Think you could take a look?

Achieving your desired vocation is hardly “meaningless” or “pointless”.

Congradulations. I hope you find happiness and fulfillment in nursing.

Many super congratulations! When’s the celebratory party?

Congratulations! I know how thrilled I was when I finally got my state board results. So have you practiced writing YourName RN yet?

Come on I know everyone does it. I felt just like I did when I was in junior high school and I would write Mrs. Bobby Sherman and Cindi Sherman all day trying to decide which looked better. In reality I had a much more huge case of the hots for Peter Tork but I though Cindi Tork just sounded wrong.

Thank you who share my happy moments! I went to work in my Blue’s Clues scrubs and got a tiny thrill to write Cyn RN on my first chart. I had been writing Cyn RNIP–Interim Permitee, but now I’m a for-real nurse!


It’s surprising that anyone willingly wants to be a nurse in today’s healtcare climate (anymore it’s a thankless task in which you have to do more and more work for less money, deal with rude patients and families more often than the grateful ones, and face managers and administrators that care more for making a buck than safe, decent patient care), so you deserve a wholehearted “WAY TO GO,GIRL.”
I promise…I don’t want to discourage Cyn or any other person that wants to be a nurse, you just gotta be a strong person, and nurses are the strongest folks i know!!

A Fellow RN,