I pit Aol's Election Map

You freakin’ dumbing-down morons

It’s NOT “Staten Island County”, It’s Richmond County
It’s Not “Manhattan County”, It’s New York County
It’s NOT “Brooklyn County” It’s Kings County

If you REALLY feel that your readers/viewers are going to be confused by the correct county names, at least format it as Kings County (Brooklyn)…etc.

But don’t MAKE UP YOUR OWN names for counties just because you think your readers will be tooo confused if you don’t.


That is pretty bad, but it’s about on par with AOL’s usual level of competence.

Actually, CNN does the same thing on its New York map. It doesn’t put the word “County” in, but all the other counties in the state are refeerred to by their correct names (Otsego, Rensselaer, Westchester, etc.), while Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island are all given their borough names.

AOL is still around?

I stopped getting their bulk mail CD’s a few years ago and just assumed that meant they went out of business or something. I don’t even think I know anyone with an aol e-mail address any more.

What you said.

Who gives a shit what the names of counties are? There’s a difference between dumbing down, and just ignoring irrelevant details for simplicity’s sake.

Anyone who does know the names of the counties will obviously understand what “Queens County” means. Anyone who doesn’t (like myself), and is trying to get information out of that map, will be happy to see “Queens County” instead “Whateverthefuck County”.

What are you going to whine about next, the fact that Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Massachusetts are listed as states when in reality, they’re technically “Commonwealths”?

Wanna know something really mind-boggling?

CompuServe is still around

Next thing you’ll be telling me Lycos is still around.

Lycos chat rooms were my first “home” on the internet. Oh, Oniongum’s House of Mystery, where did you go?

I noticed this too on a couple of the maps I was looking at. At least on the ones I saw didn’t append the word “county” to the end. Then you could say that it wasn’t as bad if they used the borough names.

It’s a good thing for you that Queens is in Queens County, then. :stuck_out_tongue:

But they’re not – they’re listed just as “Kentucky” and “Pennsylvania” and so on, which is fine. The OP doesn’t object to listing Brooklyn as Brooklyn, but there is no such thing as “Brooklyn County” in New York.

Queens is the borough name & the county name. Now, if they called the county Jamaica, that would be a bit much.

Of course you are right. I meant to write Brooklyn, not Queens.