I Pit Co-workers

I’ve been drinking beer on an empty stomach, and suddenly feel the need to launch a rant of my own. Please disregard any typoes.
I pit co-workers. Here’s why.
I have a co-worker who is a loud, abusive bully. He paints himself as a former Air Force boxing champ, and as a black belt in Tae Kwon Do (It’s probably bullshit but that’s neither here nor there). He constantly interrupts the rest of us who are trying to get some work done, and gets all pissed off if we don’t completely agree with all the vile shit he spews. He starts conversations based on his bigoted and psychotic views and browbeats anyone dares to disagree or tells him to piss off. This Monday, he wandered into my area, to discuss the Kerry/Fonda photos AGAIN. I told him I didn’t want to discuss it or hear about it. I told him the photos were fake. At this point, he literally was 3 inches away from me, finger in my fucking face, screaming “Are you calling me a liar?” “Are you calling me a liar? Are you bad enough to back that up?” Note that this is not the first time he has made veiled threats and not so veiled threats. Needless to say, I lost it. In the past, whenever this happened, I ended up being scolded for “overreacting”, even the time he was actually calling me at my house promising to “teach me the meaning of fear”. That time, nobody took an action either. His usual excuse is that his blood sugar was high that day, but I don’t give a god damn rat’s shit.
The question put forth is at what point would I be legally justified in breaking his neck or crushing his fucking skull (in self defense of course), or at the least, getting him fired. Keep in mind that in the past he has demonstrated a willingness to use violence. I am sick to damn death of being expected to be oh so fucking understanding and tolerant of this worthless waste of flesh. Any suggestions?

Explain to HR that you intend to take out a restraining order see what happens from there.

Well, there’s your problem: next time, tell him that you don’t want to discuss or hear about it, and then – just for kicks – don’t discuss it.

About the violence, I don’t see how sinking to his level will solve anything (though I’ve asked my officemate if she would come visit me in jail were I to strangle a certain co-worker). I think furlibusea has the right idea: talk to HR.

Next time, simply look him directly in the eye, pick up the phone and dial 911. Have his ass arrested.

Good heaven’s! This is much worse that jerkish co-worker. This man sounds positively psychotic.

I concur with picnurse Call the COPS.

And call a lawyer. You’ve got yerself a hostile work enviroment there, pard.

I usually glance over typos, but man, how you gonna typo ‘typos’?

j/k :slight_smile:
Send that fucker to HR immediately!