I Pit Congressmen Who Cater To Rev. Moon

The story behind this pitting is at www.politics1.com .

I’ve tried to write a proper reaction to this, but I can not find the proper words to react to this.

Therefore, I will leave my comments as follows:


Congress cannot be that stupid… they were tricked… that’s all i have to say,

My link shows that Reps. Weldon and Davis have been pandering to Moon for quite some time, meaning that it goes beyond trickery.

Tee hee. . .you’re just adorable, y’know that?

I’m very concerned for the immortal souls of these congresscritters. Unless the Reverend Moon is the real deal, these people are consorting with a FALSE MESSIAH. That’s the sort of thing that can get your ass tossed into the lake of eternal fire!

>>I Pit Congressmen Who Cater To Rev. Moon

Yeah! Let him bring his own fucking lunch!

For those who haven’t read my link:

The Korean Unification Church (led by Sun Myung Moon) held an event in the Dirksen Senate Office Building, in which Rev. Moon was crowned, after declaring himself the “Messiah”.

The following members of Congress played a role in the ceremony:

Rep. Danny Davis (D-IL)
Rep. Curt Weldon (R-PA)
Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD)
Rep. Sanford Bishop (D-GA)
Rep. Chris Cannon (R-UT)
Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD)
Rep. Phil Crane (R-IL)
Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC)

Throw the bastards out - Democratic and Republican alike.

Blogger/reporter John Gorenfeld has been covering this story for many, many moons* now. I can’t believe the mainstream press doesn’t see a story here, since any of these politicians who rely on the votes of churchgoing folk would be in dire trouble if the story got out that they were consorting with Moon, whose reputation among white and black fundies alike is only slightly better than that of the Antichrist.
*pun intended

I am sooooooooooo embarrassed to have to admit that Danny Davis is my Congressman. What a :wally

Why isn’t this eliciting more outrage?

I heard about this for the first time last night on NPR.

I mean, isn’t this one of the wrongest things that’s happened, in a very wrong year?

It was on my local NBC affiliate last night, finally.

I love the “I was misled” excuse. How misled do you have to be to dress up in a white robe and put a freaking crown on someone’s head? If you’re a national-level politician, at what point does it finally dawn on you that should really find out who the dude you’re about to coronate really is, before you end up having to do some really embarrassing explaining to your constituents?

—except that they *don’t * have any explaining to do, because the media is treating it like a nonevent!

This is like The Magic Christian, wherein Peter Sellers uses his millions to get people to do really stupid things. Someone with Moon’s money, but, say, Michael Moore’s politics, could do a lot of good by exposing the idiots in the government. “For one million dollars, I will get Danny Davis to put on a white robe and crown me the New Messiah! For two million, he will put on rabbit ears and bark like a dog!”

Roscoe Bartlet is my Congresscritter. He sponsored a bill to chase Playboy out of the military PXs.

He was the one who led the way in getting to the central issue of our time. What a maroon!

Saudi has a Congressman? I mean elected, not purchased?

No, but apparently they have a President.

Much as I think this was stupid, it ain’t nothing compared to the torture memo.

Moon owns the Washington Times, remember, so its not surprising there is a bunch of butt kissing around. The NY Times said that some of these people claimed people from their districts were getting rewards. Most of them claimed to have left before the crowning (there is a tape - would be interesting to check it.). Some others claimed not to know what it meant, since the ceremony was done in Korean - but the Times said a translation was provided.

squink - if there is a lake of fire, I think these clowns are going to wind up there anyhow, Moon or no Moon.

Heh, I know someone was smiling nervously when Moon went on his tirade about killing homosexuals. :wink:

Well, the good news is that coverage of this incident has expanded beyond www.politics1.com , as is evident on its’ front page (Scroll down a bit to find it.)

With any luck, some of these bozos will end up with an early retirement due to this nonsense.