I pit crackers and script kiddies

I mean, what the frell is the point of defacing a website just to prove you can, especially when said website is for a unfairly cancelled TV series that’s coming back

some moronic script kiddie has hacked one of my forum sites (well, not mine, i didn’t make it, i just post there, trying to access the forums redirects the browser to some stupid site with Arabic text and mangled english…

it seems to redirect to some Arabic rant site or something, i don’t feel like clicking and finding out, so the cracker’s intent to make me view their dribblings has utterly failed, and it’s pissed me off, so their attempt to present their views has failed on all counts

i imagine it’s probably some Anti-Bush “America is evil” hate site, i have no problem with people expressing their views, but you don’t do it by cracking a website that is NOT POLITICAL in any way, shape or form, that’s just stupid, the cracker likely has turned more people against their views by cracking the site, not the best way to get your point across

just because a website originates on a US server doesn’t mean it’s supporting the current administration, and when the website is promoting a science fiction TV series, it makes even less sense to crack it with an anti-bush/anti-war/anti-U.s./whatever site, i can sort of see the point if they cracked a political site, but not a discussion forum, especially one where squabbles about the current political climate are frowned on, the forum in question is simply a bunch of geeks trying to out-geek each other

in closing, i’ll say a big FRELL YOU! to the cracker and hope Scorpius ends up putting you in the Aurora Chair and set it to “Liquify”, or alternatively, i hope you end up spending some close, personal time with a rather large, angry Scarran warrior

(i think those are subtle enough hints as to what the website was discussing :wink: )

After reading the first sentence, all I could think was “Is it a Farscape website?”:D.

When you get ‘un-hacked’, can you post the URL? I’m a serious Farscape nut (In fact, mr. avabeth is threatening to divorce me if I don’t stop watching the third season DVDs I just got, and we’re not even married yet! :stuck_out_tongue: ). I could use another site to fulfill my obsession.


It’s the forums at savefarscape.com. They still seem to be down, I’m not getting any response from them. But there’s confirmation on their home page.

Yotz! Let’s try that again, this time with a correct URL. savefarscape.com

there’s a back door to the forums, i don’t know why i got all worked up about “lousy crackers”, after all, as any true 'Scaper knows, Crackers Don’t Matter anyway…