I Pit damuriajashi and DemonTree

The thing is, if you offered specific quotes or cites, we would be able to evaluate your impression. As it is, you’ve offered nothing of the sort.

Your point has the same value as if instead you had remarked, “Sometimes in my dreams, my dog’s farts smell like Lemon Pledge.” It is entirely subjective, irrefutable, unpersuasive, and only valuable inasmuch as it tells us something about your psyche.

I realize this has become the Novelty Bobble thread but in case anyone missed it, John Oliver on Last Week Tonight a few weeks ago spent quite a long time dissecting everything that’s fundamentally wrong about the “Asian-Americans are a model minority” approach the original targets of this thread have been so fond of.

I’m not going to recreate the extensive analysis Oliver presented but key points included:

  • Asian-Americans are a whole may do “better than average” but when you disaggregate the data some subgroups are doing better but others are doing considerably worse, which renders the main assertions about racial differences in achievement meaningless.
  • The “model minority” argument is, like the “I’ve got a black friend” argument, largely used by bigots looking for a thin veneer of an excuse to claim that they’re not bigoted, despite the fact that treating AAs as one monolithic stereotype is itself inherently racist and that it’s usually trotted out in the context of pitting them against other minority demographics.
  • Even in a country that views them as a “model minority”, there is still a spectacular amount of anti-AA discrimination and persecution.

Might still be available for viewing depending on your streaming services.

damuriajashi at least appears cognizant of this fact, and frequently brings it up when doing so is to his advantage.


I got modded for mocking DemonTree!

Probably warranted. A bit too close to the line.

I love that meme!

Yes, exactly. “See, look at these Asians – they are the poorest in the city. Also, these other Asians are the smartest, bestest students.”

I’m pleasantly surprised. The mods must be trying to be a bit more even handed.

You’re still a pathetic, whiny little snowflake, beholden to right-wing media bullshit and any other source that confirms what you already believe about progressives.

How do you get that last nail in?

Oh stuff it. When I was a mod I gave as many or more notes and warning to left wing posters than right wingers and I wasn’t alone in that.

I know the “conservatives are silenced” narrative is super important to you, but it’s just not true.

Oh, I’ll play the worlds most tiny violin for DT and her ilk in sympathy as she’s not -entirely- wrong (on the subject of moderation, still disagree 100% with her on the issues she’s being pitted for here). 80% or wrong, but not entirely. But it’s built into Discourse. If, say, the board is 80/20 left-leaning/right-leaning (in round numbers) when the 20 percent speak idiocy, hijack, or otherwise stumble, there’s a plethora of people to report it, which means it gets modnoted. When the 80% screw up, many of their fellow thinkers don’t bother to report it, and the mods miss it, and nothing happens. It makes the moderation look a lot more one-sided than it actually is.

Honestly though, the mods are pretty evenhanded, and if anything, are slightly more tolerant of the right-wing posters to offset the built in population bias. The biggest problem with a lot of the RW team is that they keep pushing and pushing and pushing DESPITE the modnotes. Like the late FigNorton. Most of the LW team will listen when they get noted and bow out or shut up on specific issue, exactly like @iiandyiiii did.

You’re full of shit and/or ignorant. Do the right wing folks get more grief from other posters? Of course, the board is mostly left-leaning. However, the mods tend to give a little more slack to right wing posters, whether intentional or not, probably because they get piled on so often.

Just think, if you acted the way you did and were left-leaning, you’d be in even deeper shit than you already are.

This is often claimed but I think it’s BS. I’m left of center and I report plenty of posters I agree with overall.

I don’t think it’s false, because I am certainly a part of it. I was careful to say ‘don’t bother to report it’. It takes time and energy, admittedly not a lot, so if I think something’s borderline, I wouldn’t put in the effort. If I see a poster I deeply disagree with, and think something’s borderline, I flag it. Factor in a 4-to-1 ratio, and I suspect it ends up with a lot more flags on ‘edge’ cases. No, of course it’s not 100%, and I’ve flagged several left wing posts that were IMHO out and out hate speech back when we had a run of ‘100% of conservatives want to kill’ threads. But I absolutely will give more benefit of the doubt to a poster I agree with than one I do not. I’m human after all.

Left wing vs. right wing is not really relevant here, @DemonTree. The issue is that you support bigotry. With racial issues, you attack from the right. With trans issues, you seem to attack from the left, trying to use feminism (aka women’s rights) as a way to deny trans rights.

If you are moderated unfairly, it’s that you’ve been given a pass. Remember that time you were given a Warning, and then Ed (the admin) stepped in and overrode it? I argued back then that Ed missed the point of why you were given the Warning. I won’t rehash it here (as this is the wrong thread).

I’ve also seen people use snark that was harsher than iiandyiiii’s and been given a pass.

Yeah, you’re not exactly well liked on this board. That’s because you came in and argued a bunch of bigoted shit about trans people, then started a ton of threads about “freedom of speech” where you only seemed interested in preserving the freedom of speech of bigots, and not the people the bigots were fighting against.

But, as the old title said, the reason I pitted you was that you argue this shit in disingenuous ways. You will pretend people said things they didn’t, or later lie about what they did say. You move the goalposts. You get so close to seeming to understand why your beliefs are harmful to people, but slam your mind shut the second people show the flaws.

And, while @iiandyiiii’s post may have been inappropriate for the forum he posted it in, his post is an accurate assessment of how you present yourself. With the arguments you make, you come off as scared that minorities are out to get you. Minorities are not the ones with the power, so they are not the threat.

That’s why we have the Pit. It’s where we can “tell it like it is” rather than having to be civil. It is exactly the type of place where people have the freedom to be offensive—something you like to defend. You just don’t seen to like it when that freedom is used to say thing you find offensive.

DemonTree bumped the CRT thread with what she thought was supportive of her talking points; it turned instead in a demonstration that I was right about the overreach of the right wing when they decided to demonize teachers as if they were helpless to respond. Then she had to reach for the bottom of the barrel for a cite in an attempt to get any justification for continuing to use Critical Race theory as a boogeyman.

You aren’t just whistling Dixie. When I listened to the *Introducing: Nice White Parents* podcast last year I was absolutely stunned that these parents had their choice of public schools to send their children to in New York. I don’t think my parents ever had an option of where to send me short of pulling up stakes and moving to another house. Being able to choose what public school to send your kids to is a foreign concept to me.

LHoD came in the the perfect analogy (the Stephen King novel and bookbinding methods) and DemonTree is either too stupid or too disingenuous to understand. And then she came back with complaints about both sides, because one side is lying and other is calling out those lies. See? Both sides!

That’s still the case for most people anywhere. My oldest daughter goes to the school that they say she has to go to. The only alternative is to move, or send to private school (that’s not an option though).

I know when I was a kid I didn’t choose my school, it was based 100% on where I lived.