I pit Doc Cathode

I’m not going to jump into the Team Nude Robe vs Team WTF thing but I just wanted to note that this Pitting demonstrated the very intelligence, wit, and perspicacity we’ve all come to expect from DrDeth.

Congratulations on displaying the very qualities that have us all awaiting each of your posts with bated breath!

Or perhaps that was bait breath. Hard to say

Thanks for sharing one of the more pleasing phrases I’ve read recently.

Boredom’s next album name?

I forget so much, yet I’ve never been able to get that photo out of my brain.

Sounds delicious.

I approve this pitting. And it doesn’t matter if it’s used as an ingredient. It still tastes like plastic, and i don’t like my food to taste like plastic.

Amnesia weekend kept no records The nude thread remains the same.

:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

I really like whipped cream.

Cool Whip is not whipped cream. It has neither the taste nor texture, because of course it’s a “whipped topping”, no cream involved. I’m not even sure why it exists. Reddi-Wip is a thing; it’s even in a can that will squirt it out for you so you don’t have to scoop it out or defrost it, and it’s actual whipped cream.

I can’t honestly think of the last time I had Cool Whip. It probably wasn’t on purpose.

Yeah, reddi-whip isn’t especially good whipped cream. But it’s whipped cream. It tastes like dairy. It’s good atop hot cocoa. And it solves the problem of having to actually whip the stuff, at least a cup at a time.

I agree Cool Whip isn’t whipped cream. But I very much like the flavor. I think it words really well as a cake topping, but I’ve also frozen it and eaten it like ice cream.

I actually had the opposite reaction when I was disappointed by how actual whipped cream tastes. I did grow to like it as its own thing, but I still much prefer Cool Whip on certain types of cakes.

Now, it’s brother Miracle Whip is a completely different story. I did like it as a kid, but grew out of it, and only really like real mayonnaise now.

I just want to say the viciousness of this Pit thread stands as a prime example of why the Pit needs to be closed!


Finally someone with good taste around here!

I like real whipped cream and Reddi-Wip. Someone had to teach my kids how to eat it properly :smiley:

But there’s just something about Hcool Hwip I really like and all you haters just mean there’s more for me.

On A More Serious Note

If you’re reading this thread, you know DrDeth Pitted me. In this ATMB thread How should the Pit be changed, if at all? he says he did it to prove a point. When I and others ask what point he was trying to prove, he evades the question. He has said that posters who Pit other posters are ‘immature’ and ‘of low class’. Yet he was willing to become one of them to prove a point.

What was that point, DrDeth?

And parsnips. Don’t forget parsnips.

Did DrDeth forget parsnips? He DID?


Famous last words. Mark them well.

…and I don’t think he’s capable of stating what the point was in a way that makes sense to anyone else.

Just checking - have you been driven away from the SDMB yet by this Pitting?

Nah. But I will be absent from the SDMB between 8 and 9 pm Tuesday nights. That’s my Lego Masters time.

Darn. Another hypothesis down the pan.