I pit Doc Cathode

Only the most odious of newbies (and trolls trying to be Pitted) get pitted.

Oh, for fuck’s sake!

Is this a Pitting which I see before me,
The OP toward my hand? Come, let me read thee.
I fathom thee not, and yet I see thee still.
Art thou not, fatal vision, sensible?
No, thou art not.
Thou art the nonsensical ravings of a fool,
A maelstrom bent to turn into a Reverse Pitting,
To turn upon thyself, and, so turning,
To reduce thyself to well-deserved naught
And the scorning of the multitude.

I salute you for taking @DocCathode at his word and trying it, but I fear this will not end well. Peace, out.

Oh, come on man. This just proves my point. People can’t keep their shit off the rest of the board, they start Pit threads and then they argue about what’s in Pit threads in ATMB and Politics and then bring it back to the fucking Pit where it starts all over again. I’m tired of this petty shit driving board discourse. Can anybody have a normal conversation without needing to grind some personal axe?

Can we have a penalty like they have (and should have more of) in soccer? Where the player who’s writhing on the ground feigning a head injury can get penalized?

(Works so well when the official SAW that the other player just brushed his shoulder… and then they show the replay on the jumbotron, much to the over-actor’s chagrin)

Mates and I call it the Prima Donna Penalty.


By the way, I took a Blueberry Bourbon Key Lime Pie to a birthday potluck. Easiest recipe in the world, if anyone wants it…

Please! Sounds like the perfect potluck dish.

Climb up on that cross a little further. I don’t think your quite there yet.

Nope, it’s quite clear that the Doc’s head injury is real.

By Grapthar’s Hammer…! DocCathode shall be Avenged…!

I’m in!

Ah, good. Now I can say what I’ve wanted to say. @DrDeth, there is an irony in how you complain about the Pit. It comes off as acrimonious—i.e. exactly like the types of posts that belong Pit. You get heavily frustrated at posters, and feel the need to express that. Yet you don’t want a forum for that.

I was afraid to say this in ATMB, as I didn’t want it to be interpreted as an insult. But, now that you started a Pit thread, I can let you know.

Note that this is specific to @DrDeth, and not everyone who argues that the Pit is bad for the community or the site. Though it does really seem like arguments about whether the Pit should exist get acrimonious on both sides. And, when it does, I think it’s the perfect example of the positives of having a Pit.

You could have those conversations here, and those uninterested could just avoid them.

Also, I can’t figure out what you’re pitting @DocCathode for. You appear to have quoted yourself being acrimonious.

A few minor things

You took me out of context. You said ‘the Pit scares off newbies’. I replied with what you quoted. I was speaking of newbies only

You misread what I posted. I said Dr Deth should support his opinion with evidence. I posted supporting mine with evidence and then said “See how that works? Now you try”. I was urging him to post supporting evidence for his view, not to Pit somebody.

Now On To Important Matters

I prefer pecan pie. There are also some wonderful pies in my official Marshmallow Fluff cookbook. I like unusual cookbooks.

Lol, you pit one poster while quoting YOURSELF in a thread your Pittee didn’t even start in the dweadfuw scawwy Pit you can’t stand and want abolished. Could you be more lameass limpweenie than this? Yeah, stay out of the Pit, fartknocker, you suck at this. At least you’re consistent, I’ll give you that much.

I’d be happy to see a recipe for any kind of key lime pie. or anything with blueberries if it’s easy.


Hol up… wut?

I support this pitting. Not because I have anything against @DocCathode (at least nothing comes to mind), but because now every time @DrDeth wanks about the pit and how terrible it is that we have one, we can point to this as evidence of his hypocrisy. Well done, @DrDeth. I sense a self-pitting for the ages is about to take place. So now you will have TWO pit threads about you (at least—I am still relatively new here, and will allow that there may be others that haven’t gotten much traffic lately).

No recipes for pies, but what about cookies? I have my grandmother’s recipe for lemon bars.

Because DrDeth has always seemed to be the type who can dish it out, but can’t take it. He just has a very thin skin, and doesn’t take criticism very well, if at all. (I mean, at one point the dude wanted there to be a rule against whooshing, for crissakes. Not only is that ridiculous, but I don’t even know how the hell you’d impliment it!)

Oh noes, SmartAleq – you called him a name!!! You big meanie!!!

Oh, you want easy? Even though it’s one of the quickest pies I’ve ever made, you can do what I do if I’m in a pinch for time…


1 (one) Trader Joe’s Key Lime Pie
Couple of spoonfuls of blueberry jam, mixed with a splash of bourbon and spread on top.
Garnish however (thinly sliced limes or wild blueberries)

So do I. Not because of the pecans, but because of its similarity to French-style sugar pie (tarte au sucre) which itself I think is quite similar to what is called butter tart pie, made with butter, eggs, milk, brown sugar, and vanilla. All of these types of pie have the same basic ingredients and have a deliciously smooth caramel-y taste. :yum:

Unfortunately the only recipe I have for the best sugar pie is this. Go to the summer cottage in the Laurentian mountains that we used to have when I was a kid. Wait for the little red truck from the village bakery to come by and throw open its doors, so that the heavenly aroma of fresh baking wafts over the fields. Ask for tarte au sucre. Enjoy.