I pit dolts who can't use double doors

Double doors. Two that swing opposite each other, into a building or business.

The one on your right is the one you use. If it’s not open, open it.

The one on your left is the one on my right. I’m using it. I’m not opening it so you can come through in front of me, as if it were just a single door. If so, I’d be glad to let you through. But you’ve got your own damn door. Use it.

I agree. And when there is a crowd exiting through double doors, I pit the dolts who won’t open the second door. Everyone is leaving, use both fucking doors.

You ain’t seen nothing yet.:wink:

And still ain’t

For some reason your link goes to a page of other links that don’t seem to work. I see that your location is India. I’m in the US and it could be some location specific mapping.

delete the “m.” that pops up in front of the link.

How did he get into the building in the first place, that’s what I want to know.

Sometimes people have no choice because the dipshits that run the place only unlock ONE DOOR. Oh, how I hate that. If you have two doors, unlock both doors!

Try this.

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen double doors with with large groups of people on both sides, trying to get through, with only one door open, alternating turns in some haphazard fashion, and I walk past them all, open the other door and walk myself through. The number of them who have this deer in the headlights look like I just magically made this other door appear out of nowhere is mind boggling.

I assume learned helplessness and herd behavior.

Fucking A. Whenever this happens, I wish to God I could transform into The Thing and just smash right through the locked door.

Is there an “unlocked door tax” on businesses that I’m not aware of? Is it to discourage pachyderms from entering? Otherwise, WTF?

Yes, I hate that even more.

I’m pretty sure it’s the same mentality that leads to half a dozen cars in one toll lane while the others sit empty. I used to cross a toll bridge on my way to work. Every lane was open during commuting hours, but drivers seemed to be drawn to the tail lights of the car ahead - everything else ceased to exist.

Which worked for me - I almost always had an empty lane waiting for me! :smiley:

I think this is a good question for the masses. I will post it under general questions.

Previous thread on locked doors at a business.

I’ve got a similar situation on my commute home. There is a four way stop with two lanes going in both directions from both sides. For some reason everyone thinks the right lane must be right turn only. Even though there is a big double arrow painted on the ground pointing straight and/or right. But nobody uses this lane to go straight. Every day at rush hour there is a line of cars 20 deep in that left lane waiting their turn to go straight and I just sweep past them in the right lane with no waiting.

My father calls this The Sheep Phenomenon.

I use an electric scooter. It’s highly unwise if I am around to neglect to unlock both doors. I have removed the glass from doors more than once by trying to shove a locked door open with my scooter.

And when I’m about to go out the door on my side, you don’t need to stand in front of it on the other side in order to open your door.

I’m using whichever door is connected to the handicap button.