I pit DrDeth

Very well said - I wish I had put it this way.

It’s been like two days and he’s hijacking and shitting on the McDonald’s ice cream machine thread. The Mods did put a stop to it.

It’s kinda the problem.

Discussing other aspects of McD’s or other fast food corporations control over the operations of franchise owners is relevant.

But it shouldn’t rise to consume the thread. It’s tangentially related, but he wants to take off on that tangent exclusively, and argue an irrelevant point, even after he has been shown that it is wrong.

Sez who?

The French novelist Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr once famously said, “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose”. But perhaps a more relevant observation here may be less pithy but more accurate: once a fucking jackass, always a fucking jackass.

I didn’t move any goalpost. I just think your cite doesn’t count.

What a fuckin’ jackass.

What an fuckin’ jackass.

Yes, he am.

Ahem, ‘Wht n fuckin’ jack ass.’

Sez who?

‘Stop hi-jackin the thread! I’m right and we should drop it.’

My dad saw a fuckin jackass once, and so I know all about them. You are all wrong.

Why-Because a fucking jackass can hit the mark?

Wouldn’t that require two jackasses?

Ancient koan: what is the sound of one fuckin jackass?

Enuf all ready!

Should that be

  1. Enough! All ready?

  2. Enough! All ready!

  3. Enough, already?

  4. Enough, already!

Choice 1 could be stating that’s enough practice and questioning if everyone’s ready to participate. 2 could mean that’s enough practice and is declaring everyone’s ready to participate. 3 could be a question if this is enough of this nonsense, while 4 is stating that this is enough of this nonsense.


Sez you.

Says ewe.