I pit DrDeth

DrDeth is a fuckin jackass

I know he’s unlikely to see this, but on the off chance he does, you’re one of the most impervious-to-reason dumbasses I’ve ever had the misfortune of conversing with. I only regret that I gave you as much of my time as I did.

I’ve noticed the same thing- he comes into threads declaring he is right and everyone else is wrong, and that’s all he’ll do. He’ll only respond to selected lines from any posts directed at him, dismissing those lines by themselves and declaring victory.

Was he the one who was barred from the Game of Thrones TV show threads because the spoiler rules were an intolerable restriction on his free speech?

Yes. Yes he was.

I only have 2 Dopers on ignore. He’s one of them.

A blast (not a real explosion) from the past.

I can see why DrDeth thinks the Pit is a bad idea…

I’ve had the “pleasure” of engaging him in gun control debates. I know, I know, my own damn fault, but it’s a prime example of his ignorant obstinacy. He has only one argument, which is not just wrong, but incredibly, stupidly wrong, and he trots it out at every opportunity. Basically if you want to fairly assess gun violence in the US, you have to compare it to places like Yemen and Honduras. If you insist on only comparing it to first-world countries, you must be some kind of bigot, engaged in bigoted “cherry-picking”. He actually says this. Repeatedly.

Don’t forget the “Guns don’t cause mass shootings, the media does” meme which he trots out regularly.

It’s like his brain is a hotchpotch of poorly-written unannotated code that half a dozen bad programmers have expanded and modified over the years, so it’s now it’s just a complete mess and impossible to debug. There are times when it seems to be operating normally, but then certain inputs trigger certain outputs and nobody really knows why. Nobody can keep track of the variables and it just keeps getting stuck in loops.

Yes, good point. He doesn’t just have one stupid argument, he has several stupid arguments. As everyone knows, we in various first-world nations don’t have media. Only the US has media. These would be the first-world nations like Canada, Australia, and the nations of western Europe whose gun violence statistics I cite as valid comparisons to the US because I’m obviously a white supremacist bigot.

You are pitting him because he thinks having cannon fodder monsters in a game derived from miniatures is not intrinsically racist?!? C’mon man! Is Pac Man racist because you eat ghosts?

“Well, actually…”

Well, I stand corrected.

No, he’s being pitted for being a moron. Other posters in that thread are taking the same position, and aren’t getting pitted. He’s getting pitted because he thinks, “I met Gary Gygax once, and he wasn’t wearing a literal Klan hood, therefore he can’t possibly have been racist,” is a good argument.

I thought this thread was going to be about this gem:

I don’t know, I think the leap to assuming Gygax is racist is pretty iffy.
Gygax borrowed/stole from what was there in Fantasy literature and mainly European myths and legends. It was pretty damn lily white. His area of the world was also pretty lily white. While I doubt he was very enlightened or knowledgeable about African Americans, I don’t think he should be assumed to be racist.

As I said in the thread, I’m sure he was sexist, but my guess is he wasn’t racist, though maybe ignorant.

Damn, I didn’t even like Gygax, why am I defending him?

I first encountered him in a thread about Pleistocene mass extinctions and whether they were due to hunting. He had read some of the scientific literature from decades ago, and quoted those articles. I cited some more recent literature that had a broader view.

Ever after that, when someone posted about Pleistocene extinctions, he would pop in and make exactly the same arguments as before. Sometimes he would cite the article I had originally cited to him as if I might not have seen it to refute me, but completely misunderstanding the point.

Eventually I just gave up. I would just state my points and that I wouldn’t discuss it with him anymore.

He’s also extremely credulous. Here he persistently defends a crackpot “translator” of the Voynich Manuscript despite knowing nothing about the subject.

He also has never learned to quote properly. You can recognize his posts by extremely long quotations in italics instead of a quote box which are usually irrelevant.


So good to know I’m not alone.

DrDeth is absolutely impervious to ANYTHING. Because he/she is absolutely incontrovertibly in the right on ANY subject.

Especially how to spell “enuf”. And “tho”.

If you think that’s all he’s being Pitted for, you must have never encountered him.