I pit fun being cut short.

There I am, casually trundling along in my tank, unsticking it from the occasional cliff edge, when suddenly the whole area is under our team’s control and I am in the thick of the action. I am in these moments doing far better than the hours before. I am blowing up enemy after enemy with direct hits and they keep on coming, and then a teammate complements me by fixing my tank so that I can keep this up when WHAM! the game crashes!
I am talking about Unreal Tournament 2004. Onslaught mode. I was at the last node before the enemy base. and defending it from wave after wave of enemy attack, getting direct hits on those high flying ship things, and those super fast hovering things, just a few more moments of this defence while my teammates attack the enemy core, but no the game had to crash. This is the third time it’s crashed when I’ve been in the thick of it.