I pit headphone manufacturers...

…that can’t figure out how to make a plug that won’t snap off when it’s in an airplane seat’s headphone jack. I expect that with the free ones the airline gives me, but not with a $30 pair.

I’ve never seen that happen - and I use headphones every day.

Why do you specify airplane seats? What’s special about them? Did you bump it with your elbow or something?

I suspect this pitting is for a particular manufacturer rather than multiple ones.
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I agree. Too bad we don’t have a specific manufacturer or model mentioned.

In many years of flying with headphones, I’ve never had this problem. Most of the adapters for the “airline-style” plugs have the jack for your headphones at a right-angle, which reduces or eliminates the problem.

And I make it a point to take headphones that use detachable cables whenever possible. Makes replacement easier and it usually enables you to purchase after-market cables with right-angle plugs.

Finally, I usually have two or three sacrificial cables in my laptop bag. These are short (<3’) male to female cables that I’m perfectly willing to have break. You can buy a handful for less than $10 and use them for all sorts of tasks (including simply extending a cable).

What **ZonexandScout **said. Especially the cheap extensions. Or hell, have a cheap pair of headphones for travel purposes.

And if you can condition yourself to take off the headphones first when getting up for the lav, or to let out a seatmate, or to get something from the overhead, you are less likely to break the plug (really, hasn’t been a problem for me). I’m more peeved at airlines that put the plug on the seatback screen.

I’ve had to replace headphones recently. I’ve discovered (the hard way) that a lot of newer varieties have four connectors on the plug instead of the three I was used to. What the fuck? And then they hide the plug inside the packaging so you can’t tell the new-fangled ones from the old standard ones. Rat bastards should get a dose of VanHalen at full volume.

I gotta (minor?) gripe about those other kind of airplane headphones.

The kind that pilots and passengers use in a smallish airplane (e.g., a Cessna 182 or Piper Cherokee, for example) to block out the engine noise (airplanes are LOUD) and also serve as an intercom so everybody can talk to each other.

The problem is, the ones I’ve used all drop the first word (or first word-and-a-half) you say when you start talking, much like some cell phone connections do. So every time somebody else says something, I miss hearing the first word. And presumably likewise when I say something.


That’s punishment? :smiley: That’s what I listen to every day. Well, maybe not the album they did with Gary Cherone, but whether it’s Sammy or Dave singing, it’s all good. :slight_smile:

I’ve never had this happen to me either. I suspect it’s because you get up and forget to unplug first. If so, that’s not the headphone makers fault.

And hell yes to Van Halen at full volume!

Especially when flying to…
Panama [eddie guitar lick] Pana-ma-ha-ha-ha ha-ha, Panama!

Count me in with the “how the heck do you manage that–let alone often enough to make a thread about it”?

Are you yanking them out by the cord? Because you shouldn’t do that.

this is what I was talking about.


Kinda like driving away from the gas pump without hanging up the host first.

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this is what I was talking about.


Well, OK, if you’re George McFly in 1955, it could be somewhat unsettling.

No - I have had this happen to me three times already, and always on airplanes (and only on airplanes, at least so far). What causes it is, I always sit in an aisle seat, so I keep having to get up so people in the other two seats can go to the bathroom (and then get up again when they return), and somehow, the plug is bent to the point where it snaps off in the jack.

The first two times were with the airplane-supplied earbud-style, so I bought a pair of “proper” headphones - Sony ZX-series (for $20) - but it happened with those as well.

Hang on… Are you saying that you’re pulling the cord to the point that it’s stressing the plug, which eventually breaks?

Because that would be user error; nothing to do with the manufacturer.

If that it was what you’re saying is happening, either take the headphones off before moving your head past the length of the cord or buy headphones with a longer cord (or just an extender by itself–I got a 50 foot one for a few bucks online that works fine).

Yup, I agree. It’s an ID10T error in this case.

If you really don’t want this to happen splurge on a set ofinexpensive Bluetooth headphones, or, you know, unplug the delicate plug from the jack so people don’t brush against it…

So, hang on (again)… Some (like me) take it to mean that you’re pulling the cord farther than the length of the cord, which stresses the plug. Others (like swampspruce) take it to mean that the plug is getting stressed because people knock it as they walk past.

Either way, it has nothing to do with the quality of the plug or the manufacturers, but can you please elaborate as to which error it is?

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