I pit Helicopters flying over my house in Baltimore right now

Like vultures, hoping that something dies. It’s gross.

What kind of helicopters?

Um, context? Or are you just a whinging fool?

I would assume news helicopters are looking for riots in the aftermath of the mistrial of the first to be tried in the death of Freddie Brown.

No, they’re looking for footage. It’s four or five news helicopters. It’s insulting and annoying.

Wrong color.

Yah, what’s up with that?

I assume he was getting Mr Gray confused with Michael Brown, another unfortunate victim of police violence, and not just being racist.

So you mean they are flying over your house to insult you ???

Do you have a drone?

Yeah, put the vultures, not the riot culture that feeds them.

No, I mean I find the fact that they are flying over my city to be insulting.

Riot culture? Are you joking? Six hours of property damage 8 months ago is not a culture of rioting.

Yeah, the 1960’s-1970’s would be saying “Riots? I’ll show you riots…”

Oh look, someone dropped this laser pointer over here…

Where’s the UN when you really need them?

Actually in the Baltimore - Washington region there are exactly 3 television news helicopters: WBAL’s Sky 11, WJZ’s Chopper 13 and the LNS (Local News Service) shared helicopter jointly operated by 4 stations in DC (WRC, WTTG, WJLA & WUSA). Because such a large area in DC is a no-fly zone after 9-11 the four major broadcasters banded together for their helicopter service as a reasonable cost saving measure years ago.

In the skies above Baltimore I saw 2 Foxtrot helicopters (Baltimore city police); the Baltimore County police A-Star helicopter, and I think I heard an MSP helicopter overhead after dark, but it was hard to tell.

If the helicopter was circling or was one of the lower ones it was police. The media helicopters usually stay around 1000’ or above, and stationary (or moving very slowly unless following a chase) to maintain a good microwave signal to the tower.

Just a major brain-fart. And within minutes after I’d corrected someone else in a different thread for using a wrong name.

This must be a terrible life you are forced to live. Maybe you can move to a place that doesn’t let helicopters terrorize the citizens like North Sentinel Island

I used to live in DC and it was very common at night for copters to buzz around shining spotlight on the walls and into the windows of large apartment buildings. I imagine they were looking for naked hot chicks, probably because that’s what I would be doing.