I pit IP address

I bet if anyone calls fushj00 on this he’ll say he was exaggerating.

Ryle Dup,

C’mon, you know I never exaggerate ;). Seriously, though, I’m going to get ahold of a member of the Judge Advocate staff to see if there is any legal recourse for a successful breakin on my system (I’ve begun to start looking, and it seems that my comp may have been breached.) And if not, well, we’ll see how the trace goes. I may just spend a week on leave paying a visit to someone and discussing the matter.

Just what was “breached” about your computer?

I’m finding text files in ‘hidden’-read only folders buried some ten and twelve folders deep. They look like someone may have been using my freakin’ laptop as some sort of storage point. I can’t read them, as they seem encrypted (it’s all garbage on my screen,) but they’re clearly something that I didn’t (and to the best of my knowledge, nobody I know) put on there. Again, I’m going to pass 'em onto my Intel buddy and see if he can make heads or tails of it.

I’ve had the same thing happen when updatedb was running with my fat32 drive mounted. :slight_smile:

Fush, ya ever hear of a nifty little program called a ‘firewall’?

They used up their firewall budget in bombing Baghdad.

ZoneAlarm has a free version. Make sure you have it in “manual” mode, not “automatic”, or it’ll fuck everything up.

Close, email your firewall logs and a short description of whats going on to abuse@comcast.net. But the OP would be a lot more fun.

Visit grc.com (the guy who wrote Zone Alarm) and take the Shields Up test. Good tutorial on going stealth mode.

Are you sure you don’t have an FTP server running?

I was testing out something on my comp a year ago and turned on the built in FTP server for windows XP.

I forgot all about it for a month.

Next thing I know I’m hosting several porn movies, someone’s internet diary, several pictures of cats, and a bunch other stuff usually buried in 10 or 15 folders in!