I pit IP address

I don’t know who the fuck you are. But why does it seem that every time I’m on the fucking internet, you hit me three times an hour with a portscan? I mean, what the FUCK!? Are you trying to hack my computer? Just because I’m in Iraq, dialing out to the 'States (and spending all of my hazardous duty pay just to keep up with the phone bill) doesn’t mean I’m on a damn DoD system. I’m on my own laptop. The only things on it that are remotely connected to military are Half-Life: CounterStrike, America’s Army, and Jane’s Fleet Command! And they’re games! So, listen up if you’re reading this. When I get back to the US, I’m going to go to your address (yes, it’s listed on the ARIN RIR,) and I’m going to cut your balls off. Then, I’m going to take your newly castrated self to the nearest military post (You’re in Jersey, after all. I believe that Ft. Dix is nearby) and throw you out on a rifle range. After the trainees get to use you on their KD line, I am then going to take you to your mother’s house, and watch as she spanks you for being a bad boy. You stand warned.

~SSgt. Fush J. Mang

I’m sorry. I’ll stop.

Heh. You know what’s the most fucked up part of it? In the last four minutes since I posted the OP, this IP hit me again. I am really, really going to enjoy beating the tar out of this guy (if its female, well, then I’ll have to have one of my female airmen work her over.)

Well, that clears that up.


Tars Tarkas,

I already pulled it up, but that’s much appreciated.

well, I’m glad I’m not with comcast. I guess fushj00 is going to be doing door to door calls?

Hmmm, I get similar IP’s from my comcast provider here in Jersey City, NJ.

Consider that that particular IP might not be directly related also, it might have been compromised by the actual hacker sitting in some other place.


Good luck with that one. Let us know how it goes.

And dont get any ideas about coming after me, unless you bring your rifle along with you. 4 years of Karate and Judo, and 2 years of Medieval martial arts (and yes I do have swords around the house), means I won;t make it easy fo ryou

(Early Out wraps self in plastic, sealed with duct tape, and turns out all the lights in the house…)

Just for your reference, the IP address resolves to a node in Warren, Illinois.

The machine name is called bgp991121bgs.madsnh01.mi.comcast.net

And it’s definitely part of the Comcast company.

Hope that helps. You can contact them via domregadmin@COMCAST.NET to take the matter further I suspect.

If you are dialing into Comcast, it’s probably them checking to make sure you aren’t running a server.

Actually, I IM’ed this info to one of my buddies in Shaw’s intel squadron. He’s forewarding it to someone he knows in his outfit, and they’re going to see if they can track it. If not, I’m just going to show up at their offices when I get back and be rather undignified to some techie (yea, like you’d expect anything less of me :wink: ).

Boo Boo Foo,

I’m actually dialing into a (gasp!) AOL server from over here (its actually the one I recognize as my ‘home’ server.) Now, I could see it being a legitimate portscan if it tried to hit me on ports 50, 80, 6000-6999 or 7999. But 275262? What program uses THAT port? None that I know of, and none that I use, that’s for sure. Your info does help, and I’ve just fired off a rather nasty e-mail to them. I appreciate all the help y’all have passed my way!

Thank you for adding a little joy to my day.

That is the single funniest threat that I have heard.

Especially curious as 65535 should be the upper limit on tcp/ip ports for ipv4… which is what you’re using, right?

None, at all. Highest availible port is 65535. Cite

Curse you Venoma, foiled again.

That’s what I get for finding a cite.

Grin! You’ll never beat me, Etherman! (Geeky superhero? KEWLIEZ!)