Don't do that! Or, if you do, tell me first.

Damnit, MediaOne/Road Runner/AT&T Broadband/Whatever the hell you call yourselves nowadays!

Some of us like to believe that when you say you issue permanent IP addresses, you will. In fact, had I not happened to glance at the line “Your IP address is being recorded for fradulent purchase tracing” on my online purchase bill, I never would’ve known it changed at all.

Some of us RELY on that sort of consistency. I really wouldnt’ve minded that you changed my “permanent” IP address had you given me some kind of notice. Hell, I may have even been forgiving had you notified me via e-mail after you did. Your lack of notice whatsoever, though, is disconcerting.

Now, don’t even get me started on your recent down-times…

Please forgive my ignorance.

How does them recording your IP change the IP address?

mornea, it’s possible he’s paying extra for the static IP address.

The IP listed on the online purchase bill (presumably a purchase from another company) did not match the static IP he had been told was allotted to him. IE. he found out thru a source other than his ISP that his IP address had changed.

He probably noticed that they were recording his current IP, which was different from the one he had originally. I suspect he’s one of those people who writes down things like that, including what driver versions he’s using, and keeps that information next to his PC for reference purposes.

Who, me?

(walks away, whistling…)

Venoma and Ethilrist nailed it.

Yup. I haven’t really looked at that fraud warning when shopping online since the AOL days, when my IP address changed with every sign-on. I just happened to glance at it the other day and it confused me. It’s kinda like your boss changing your work extension, but not telling you.

D’oh! Okay I get it. Duh me.

Thanks guys.