Fuck you, comcast!

For the past three days, my internet service has been shit, at best. I can access some websites, sometimes. It’s like only half of the Internet is being kept from me. And it’s pissing me off. So I decided to call Comcast. After spending 7 minutes getting through their menu system, only to be transferred to ANOTHER phone line, I hung up. Why? Because some fuckhead decided it would be a great idea to have complete and total silence on their end while you’re waiting for a service rep. So I call back. I get transferred to a support rep. Silence. And then I hear it… a fucking busy signal! I call again. They give me the busy signal again. I call again. And again. And again. And still nothing. Right now, I’m dialing their number again. If I get a busy signal, I’m just gonna snap…

well… don’t keep us in suspense… Did you snap and if so did it hurt?

I did indeed snap. I suspect the po-lice will be comin’ soon, what with all the screaming and gunfire.

Crap. You got a good hidey spot till they leave?

Well, Comcast is in the middle of transferring all of ye olde ATT Broadband to its own servers, so I imagine they’re more than a bit swamped right now. I’d tell you to be patient, but even though the transfer has gone fine for me, I also remember when @home went bankrupt and I was left without Internet access for two weeks. I feel your pain.

I called again. They to hang up and try again, so I did. I waited half an hour, no answer. I hung up. Now I’m just trying to use their online chat. I started out as number 550 in the queue. Now I am 583 and climbing. At least I can still get to the SDMB…

Wait, someone is getting crappy service from Comcast?

Never! I refuse to believe it!