I pit Italian justice (for convicting seismologists of manslaughter)

I thought the shenanigans in the Amanda Knox case were almost certainly as ridiculous as the Italian courts could get. I mean, they had upped the ante considerably since the Monster of Florence days and I couldn’t figure that anything could be more ludicrous than a murder conviction based on a cartwheel.

I was wrong.

Seven seismologists were convicted of manslaughter for failing to adequately warn people that an earthquake was coming.

I wish there was a way to enlarge the :rolleyes: smiley to be full page size.

Italian justice is stupid, at least until the first appeal. Is the position of lower court judge just given to people who would otherwise be competing at the Village Idiots Convention or what?

We done this already. Twiceit.


We’ve already got a thread on this, and since there’s no responses to this one (other than the one pointing out that we’ve already got a thread on the subject) I’m closing this one.

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