I pit Michael Phelps, Omega, NBC and the Olympics.

Thanks for that link, don’t ask. I’d seen stills and regular old slo-mo, but that super-duper slo-mo at the end makes it much clearer.

You can’t be serious…you can’t “pull up” and lose by a hundredth of a second. He could have easily won by a tenth of a second. Then what would have happened when the co conspirators caught up with him?

This has to be a joke thread.

Dude, http://gawker.com/news/softball/battle-of-the-titans-gawker-vs-onion-softball-114780.php is a link to the softball match between The ONION and The Gawker. See any similarities?

Hello! McFly. Anybody home?


Do you have a clue? Do you know anything about the series? Let me set the scene:

The NBA was nowhere near as rich as it is today. Magic Johnson of the Lakers and Larry Bird of the Celtics are meeting in the Finals. Those two are in the process of resurrecting interest in the NBA. Before the Finals, the Commissioner David Stern is heard to have said, “It would be great if the series went seven games.”

The Lakers win the first two games. In the third game the score is close with the Lakers behind and in possession. Magic has the ball. Instead of taking the last shot he dribbles out the clock. In the next game James Worthy of the Lakers makes a boneheaded play at the end that gives the game to the Celtics. Series tied.

In many people’s minds, the Lakers clearly outplayed the Celtics could have won the third and forth games to win the series but pulled up at the end to extend the series.

Crazy huh?

There’s an ex-NBA referee sitting in jail who claims that the refs were pressured to extend a different playoff series.

Spartydog, you’re undermining your own credibility by ignoring very reasonable questions from reasonable posters.

Several people, and I will add myself to that list now, have asked you how a swimmer could be eyeing his opponent closely enough and pull back just enough to lose by 1/100th of a second. You have talked around this several times now. It’s not a complicated question. Also, swimming ≠ horse racing and most certainly ≠ boxing.

If you are at all serious about your claims, I would greatly appreciate a rational explanation from you.

Is assume you’re talking about 1984, when the Lakers never led by two games, and the Magic play you’re talking about happened in game 2 with the score tied. You might want to get your facts straight before you presume to accuse others of not having a clue. (For the record, in none of the three meetings between Magic and Bird in the finals did the Celtics come back from a 2-0 deficit.)

None of this still answers the question of how the hell someone can conspire to lose by .01 seconds.

Well, horses can swim, but I don’t think even Secretariat would have been able to win a swimming race by as large a margin as 31 lengths, as he did on the track. :wink:

I’ve seen and bet on many horse races, studied many horse racing photo finishes, and waited through innumerable stewards’ inquiries in thirty years or so of handicapping and betting horse races, and I’ve never seen a horse pulled up just shy of the wire (“at the last instance”) unless the horse was injured somehow. I don’t doubt that checking a horse during a race due to a fix happens occasionally, but I don’t believe it happens as often as the OP would like you to think, and certainly not at the major tracks whose reputation and revenue depend on running honest race meetings. Maybe at the county fair level of race meeting, but not at tracks like Aqueduct, Belmont, Santa Anita, Woodbine, etc.

No, he didn’t do that either. “Within” is not inclusive, regardless of hows sports commentators use it.

He came within 11 thousandths of a second of dead-heating. He was 1/100th of a second from dead-heating.

So where do the Jews fit in here? Surely they played a role.

Why don’t we just say he came within a cunt hair and leave it at that.

Duh - Jews own the Olympics.

Spartydog, are you being serious or are you whooshing us?

Did you ever notice how many swimmers wear skull caps? It’s not a coincidence.

Teh ironies! It burnz!

Dear dumbfuck:

Go back and read what you wrote. Then take 5 deep breaths. Then read it again. You are embarassing yourself.

Warm regards,
Don’t Call Me Shirley

Well see, even then it’s not that simple; the Brazilian cunt hair judge is most certainly going to be a lot tighter than, say, the Bulgarian cunt hair judge.

If he’s being serious, then someone let the stupid out again, and we all know how tough it is to get it contained again once the stupid is loose. For reference, see:

TWA Flight 800
Moon Landing
et al

One of them walked on water. He probably pulled Phelps toward the wall at the last second.

Nah. Too likely to be noticed. He moved the wall towards Phelps at the last tenth second.

I got in line to sip the Kool-Aid, but you bogarted the whole pitcher!

Woe is me! :frowning:

Dara Torres lost a swim by .01 . How does that fit into the conspiracy of it all. Whatever the timer says is the winner.