I Pit my Neighbour's Pit

My neighbours have a fire pit in their back yard. They quite frequently have fires in it in summer. The smoke smell comes into my house, especially my bedroom, and I have a particular hatred for the smell of woodsmoke. My neighbours are very nice, respectable, responsible people, and what they’re doing is completely legal, so here I am, bitching on a message board, because I hate it and there’s nothing I can do about it and it’s not a big deal anyway.

Well, I feel better now.

Be assertive. You know that.

Also, be kind, and respectful, and try a little tenderness. If things start to get even remotely aggressive, back off, and try again a few days later.

In this instance, being a gentle, yet assertive broken record is more effective than being a huge bombardment of anger, if you know what I mean.

This fire pit pitting doesn’t belong in the Pit. I’ll move it to MPSIMS.


Be assertive about what? The OP recognizes that the neighbors aren’t doing anything wrong, it just happens to be something that bothers her. Are you telling her to go ask the (“nice, respectable, responsible”) neighbors not to have (legal) fires in their (legal) fire pit (in their own private yard)? If I bring my neighbors a gift-wrapped pair of scissors every day, does that make it okay to ask them to stop using their gas-powered mower because I don’t happen to like the sound? As the OP said, there’s really nothing she can do about it (at least as far as preventing the fires), it’s just one of those things.

featherlou, you’ve probably already thought of this, but just in case, have you tried an air conditioner or an air purifier to lessen the amount of the smell? How about a couple of strategically placed window fans set on exhaust? Personally I love the smell of wood burning, but I can understand if you don’t, how it would be bothersome.

Well, heck, if you can’t put a pit pit in the Pit, what can you pit in the Pit?

Yeah, you got it, Salem. They’re not doing anything wrong; I just don’t like what they’re doing because of my own personal preferences. We’ve got an air purifier; it works okay on the smoke smell, but I have a terrific sniffer, so I can smell it even when it’s just a whiff.

How much pit could a pit pitter pit if a pit pitter could pit pits?

See if you can find a couple of old, used fireman’s helmets at a flea market. Then the next time your neighbors decide to smoke, you and your husband put them on and run around the outside of your house as if in a panic, banging a spoon on a pail and spraying down the roof of your house so as to protect it from burning down. Hopefully, they’ll be so mortified by the display that their burnt offerings will quickly become a thing of the past.

My neighbors also have a firepit in their backyard, which occasionally wafts smoke into my bedroom.

I’ve found that by altering which windows are open, I can limit the amount of smoke that seeps in. I’ve got casement windows, and I can open the one with hinges on the side closest to their yard, which reduces the smoke (well, it reduces the airflow too). Alternately, try using a window fan blowing out of your window. Air should be pull in from the rest of the (hopefully less smoky) house.