I pit my piece-of-shit iPod Nano, Apple, and myself. An unhappy love story.

I’m not really sure which one of us is the problem, but I’m in a nasty spot. The thing is, I’m hooked on the iPod Nano. I love it. I want to marry it and have its babies. I want nothing more than to snuggle up next to it in bed at night, kiss it, and make breakfast for it every morning. However, the sad state of affairs is that we’re obviously as compatible as oil and water, so now we have to part. And it sucks.

OK, this is the deal: After about a year of faithful service, my iPod Mini chucked in the towel. The battery pretty much gave up the ghost. When it was new, it would happily play music for over 10 hours straight after charging for a couple of hours, but gradually it did a switcheroo on me - now I’d have to charge the bloody thing overnight just to get it to work for a couple of hours before flatlining. Well, I’m bemused, to say the least… aren’t these things supposed to last for more than a year? Turns out they aren’t. Well, after searching through plenty of adecdotal evidence on the web, the conclusion is that yes, for heavy-duty users, like me, the Mini’s battery goes dead in about a year to a year and a half. That’s pretty much how it is. :smack: I think, well, that’s hardly very impressive, but I decide to accept this sorry state of affairs as a fact of life and take some constructive action. My options for rectifying the situation are either to get one of those battery replacement things, or to spring for a new iPod. Which means a Nano.

Oh, my… a brand new, shiny, tiny Nano. I can’t resist. I take the plunge. I go to the store, pay the man his huge pile of money, bring my new Nano home, open the box… and fall in love.

A bad idea, as it turns out. A very, very bad idea indeed.

To cut a short story even shorter: Within 24 hours of purchase, my brand new shiny, tiny Nano is a high-tech piece of junk. Broken screen. Great. I curse, I swear, I kick myself. I search the web for solutions. Turns out it’s a known issue. I return the damn thing, wait a month , and get a new one for free. OK, happiness is back… for now.

Yeah. Not so fast, Buster. A week and a half later, and the damned piece of crap is broken again! Now it won’t start. I’ve tried everything - resetting, rebooting, reinstalling, recharching… the whole shebang. About five times. No-go. It’s dead. It’s going back to the store again tomorrow.

I don’t know if the problem is that I’m the biggest klutz in the known universe, or if the iPod Nano is the most useless piece of crap ever built, but in any case, Apple is getting no more of my money. Enough is enough. This time, I’m going for something idiot-proof with extra padding from some competing brand. Gizmos made from eggshell are obviously not the thing for me.

I’ll sure miss it, though. The lovely touch wheel, the sleek lines, the perfectly construed menus, the cute little 2gb flash drive… Oh, fuck. Damn, I think I need a drink.

I’ve dropped my nano, previously mentioned in the extended Warranty thread, more times than I can remember in the month or so that I’ve owned it, and it’s still going strong. Strangely enough the screen seems to be the strongest part of the whole thing, because it’s completely covered in scratches from being dropped on the ashphalt every time I get out of my car, everywhere except the screen. Strange.

I feel your pain. A while back, I closed my car door on my jacket pocket, accidentally crushing a brand new Sony T-1 digital camera. Smashed the screen to bits.

That’s about all I can do - send some sympathetic vibes your way.

Dare I ask why you didn’t buy a case to protect Your Precious?

(I don’t have an iPod myself, but all my portable electronics gear are safely coccooned in appropriate cases)

I don’t buy a case to protect it because 1. it would make it more of a hassle to use, and 2. I shouldn’t have to - I’m not really doing anything terrible to it! At no time have the blasted thing been exposed to anything beyond what should damned well qualify as regular use. By that I mean being kept either in my pocket (occasionally with my keys, a pack of gum or something like that, by mostly by itself) or in my backback, and, admittedly, every now and then dropped on the floor from about waist height - but not all that often, really. I expect my gizmos to be able to take that much! My cell phone has done so for years, and my Mini did, too, just fine - it was the useless battery that relegated that particular overrated piece of trash to the waste heap.

If the Nano actually can’t take that minimal amount of abuse, well, we’re just not meant to be together, I guess, as much as that hurts.

However, as other people seem to be able to live happily with their Nanos without having to put up with this kind of crap, I suspect that the real problem is that the thing just hates me, for some bizarre reason I honestly cannot comprehend. And yeah… my relationships with women over the years haven’t been too successful, either, thanks for asking. It seems that I just give out some terrible vibe that makes stuff around me go bad.

Damn it, guys… the truth is that I just want my Nano to work again. To play music for me, like it used to, for the all too brief time we had together. That’s all. I know can make it happy, if it’ll just let me. OK, I’ll by a case for it! I’ll take it to the movies. I’ll happily rub its little wheel and polish its back whenever it wants me to, if it’ll just love me. Just a bit. What’s wrong with me? What is it that I lack, that everybody else seems to have? And why won’t it tell me? :frowning:

Yeah, think I’ll have another drink now.

Y’know, I have my lips firmly planted on the bottomside of that Apple logo, but I have to say I was pretty shocked at how quickly my video iPod got scratched up. One trip from the car to my front door in the same pocket as my keys, and the screen has a few prominent stratches. I was planning to get a case for it, but I wish it was for the luxury, not because it was essential.

Funny, but this reminds me of the iPod Nano Stress Test – except that Nano took a massive beating and kept on ticking. Me, I still have a 20-gig 4th gen and love it to bits. I’d like to get a 60-gig video, but this does nicely right now.

My wife and I both have third-gen iPods (15 GB and 20 GB, respectively). Both are about two years old. We love them. No problems yet.

I did order leather cases for both at the outset. Mine got dropped onto concrete once. No damage whatsoever.

I recommend cases. They do contain actual hard drives, you know. I remember, back in the day, when I was afraid to move a computer two inches across a desk with the hard drive spinning. :smiley:

Shuffles and Nanos work off flash, actually. Which is part of the reason the Nano replaced the Mini.

Is there some reason why alkaline or lithium batteries aren’t used? I understand the desire to make the thing look cool and small, but honestly, my flash MP3 player takes one AA battery and it is pretty damn small.

I think Lithium Polymer batteries have a more desirable power/weight ratio, as well as being rechargeable. You certainly never (hardly ever) see laptops running on alkalines.

Sure, but we are talking about a single AA battery here, I find it hard to believe that the weight is an issue.

According to Wikipedia, the energy density of a Lithium Ion Polymer battery is 3 times that of a NiCad (not sure how that compares with an Alkaline, but the structural differences are similar). A factor of three is a big deal when you’re talking a device the size of a credit card.

Actually, I’m pretty sure that the Nano iPod is thinner than a single AA battery. Or even a AAA battery. Having looked inside an iPod, I can certainly say that the LiPo battery in it is much smaller than a AA battery and more conveniently shaped.

Last fall I won an ipod nano from a work health promotion. I am totally in love with it.

Here’s the weird thing. I got it wet while washing dishes…not just surface wet, but a stream of water poured into the place where you plug it in to the computer.
It worked sporadically for about a month. Then, it started working well, except for one thing. My computer didn’t recognize it. I could listen to songs that were on it already, but I couldn’t add any. I was about to buy a new one.

Then, a few weeks ago, I had it hooked up to the computer to charge and the computer recognized it. For the past few weeks, the computer recognizes my ipod sporadically.

I can’t complain. I shouldn’t have gotten it wet…The only thing I can figure is it took a while to dry out inside.

Peak Banana: do you still have the Mini with the bad battery? If so, why not replace the battery ?

I replaced my Mini battery a while back and still works great. Better than spending a few hundred on a Nano.

Yeah, it’s a good idea, and I’ve actually pretty much decided to do that. I’ve returned the Nano now. The guy at the store confirmed that it was busted, and said that I’ll probably get another free replacement in about a week or so. I fully excpect that one, too, to break in another week or two. After that, I’ll give the old Mini a makover and return it to service.

Get a case this time and stop putting yourself through the wringer.

(A multi-hundred-dollar toy without any sort of protection? :eek: )

OK, the Nano is back. Well, actually, it’s a brand new replacement. I got one of those rubbery yellow case thingies for it, too. For now, everything seems fine. However, I have a feeling that there’s no longer any trust left in the relationship. I can’t help thinking that it’ll go bonkers and walk out on me again any minute. I’m not really allowing myself to get attached to it again. I’m also finding myself treating it veeery carefully now, barely daring to touch it, which is actually a bit of a nuisance in itself.

Well, we’ll see how it goes. My guess is that it’ll break again by the end of the week. But perhaps I’ll be lucky this time around.

Did you get the Goatse cover?