I Pit My Workplace

The office building I work in is supposed to have been built “green” and maintained with “green” products.


Every morning when I walk in, my nose starts running, I cough like a 5 pack a day smoker and I sneeze for about 10 minutes. I spend most of my morning blowing my nose and coughing. By lunchtime I’m better, but the cycle starts all over again the next day. When I was off yesterday for Labor Day, I didn’t have one spell of coughing, etc.

[And yes, you may insert the “allergic to work” joke here. I would too if I wasn’t so miserable.]

On the main floor alone I have counted 4 large patches of water-soaked and moldy spots in the ceiling. Have they been taken care of? Nope. On top of that we have places where the floor tile is coming up and the concrete outside the door that leads to the parking lot has hooved up almost an inch, causing a trip hazard (well, it did till someone put a heavy duty mat over it).

Hubby has no problems when he comes into the office. Hell, if he’s having an allergy day, his symptoms go away. Mine get worse.

Oh, and here’s the new bit of fun—I’m starting to have trouble breathing. Not badly, but it’s enough to scare me.

Grrr. Green building my ass.

So the mold isn’t green?

If you’ve already reported this to your employer and they are taking no actions, you have the right to file an OSHA complaint…from

PDF- http://www.osha.gov/Publications/preventing_mold.pdf

Nah, it’s kinda brownish, last time I checked.

Pantheon, I’d love to OSHA these people but this is a state agency and I’ve seen how the system doesn’t work for us. I do plan to complain to whoever is over Bldg Maintenance though asap.

What does it having mold have to do with it being a “green” building?

They probably use moss for their air filters. :stuck_out_tongue:

It would probably do a better job.