I pit OpalCat - but my heart's not really in it.

Fuck no! I am wolf teeth and slayer!

Well, realistically, I’m burp cloths and lullabies, but we’ll keep that to ourself…

That linked picture is awesome.

When you look at a poster’s history the SDMB only keeps the last 750 posts. Opal’s history goes back to 11-25-11, the day after Thanksgiving of this year.

At least 750 posts in the last 3 weeks. 30 pages of history in those 750 posts, all in less than a month.

This indicates a severe mental issue, manic drug use, or maybe she is just plain nuts.

Possibly all three.

Wait, what?

Does she even work? What does she do, sit at the computer all day writing posts on the SD? I don’t know OpalCat (or any other poster for that matter) enough to like or dislike, in fact so far I like her, I’m just all…:eek:…dannnggg. That’s a lot of computer-sittin’.

If she spent sixteen hours a day every day on the Dope–so basically, she slept and posted and that’s it–that’d be 2.6 posts per hour.

holy shit

Inner Stickler I hope you were smart enough to read up on it first so you know that you are not doing it wrong.

Opal did.


I totally read that in the voice of Charlie Kelly.*

*aka Charlie from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

750 in 3 weeks would be nearly half a million in her time here. Since she has just crossed the 19,000 threshold, I think it safe to say we are witnessing a major surge in Opal glurgh!

It wouldn’t be so annoying if it wasn’t showing up all over the place, and if 90% of her posts weren’t thinly veiled excuses to share some personal information or anecdote. It is like the annoying as fuck chatter box that is at nearly every social event who just can’t resist interjecting on everything…
“That reminds me.”
“I do that too.”
“My friends, friends, friend of a friend has one of those.”
“You think that’s bad!”
“As a vegetarian.”
“As a wearer of vegetarian shoes.”

A top example is in the The neverending homophobia of the Salvation Army thread. She just has to jump on board with how she too won’t donate to them. Good for ya, but it doesn’t stop there. Throws in the Boy Scouts so we can see just how deeply she feels on the issue. But a while later… must share moar… back she comes asking if she is a hypocrite for taking assistance from the SA. Hypocrite? Fuck no. Backbone of rubber? Fuck yes. And in typical Opal fashion she provides excuse and defense just in case anyone takes her up on it and says she is a hypocrite. Fuck!

I have to say that this list is hilarious. Although “What should I add to water to approximate vegetable broth?” is pretty good as well, given that the obvious answer didn’t occur to her despite the obsession with vegetarianism. And in this post she mentions being a vegetarian twice in one paragraph. In some ways, she reminds me of Daffyd Thomas from Little Britain.

Re-read. Miller told people to knock off the off-board debate and whassisname kept talking about it. Nothing to do with Opal’s behavior yet.

Depends. I rarely pit people myself because again, I don’t usually get all hot and bothered about other people’s posting styles. But in this instance, especially, when multiple pittings have failed to make a dent, there’s a point when you have to ask yourself, is this windmill worth the effort? Apparently it is to you but I find it a little sad. And if other people want to enable behavior you dislike, that’s tough. Like I said, there are plenty of posting quirks that I could do without but because I’m an adult, I can work past it.

I’m also enjoying the irony of someone who is castigating another poster’s behavior getting cranky when their own behavior gets only obliquely castigated.

THIS. Christ, it’s constant, and transparent, and nobody ever says “hey, cut that shit out,” and when somebody DOES call her on something, we’re not supposed to derail a thread with the observation, but then we’re also not supposed to Pit her.


Wow. She could give **Guin **a run for her money.

Waitaminute, you’re pissed because people will get upset if you stamp around the board following her every post with a 'Geeze, Opalcat, it’s not all about you, get a diary!"? Yeah, I can’t believe why people would be put out by that.

When’s the last time Opal got pitted? A quick Pit search locates one in December of 2008 - three years ago. I don’t get why people keep insisting that “everybody always pits Opal. Everybody always piles on Opal. Why don’t people LEAVE OPAL ALONE?!?! <sob>”

To paraphrase Samuel L. Jackson’s character in Pulp Fiction: “Pit, motherfucking, do you speak it?” Sometimes, I think, people come to the Pit to accomplish a change in someone’s behavior, and sometimes, we just want to bitch. That’s what the Pit is for, last time I checked. Threadshitting is just as annoying in the Pit as it is anywhere else. Coming into a Pit thread and saying “oh, why must you Pit this? Why can’t you just ignore X?” is just as bad as people who go into a thread started by someone bitchingabout a bad steak dinner they had and say “EW, I would never eat meat, I’m a vegetarian!”

You can continue to think that’s why I’m “cranky” all you want.

Yea, that’s my plan. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s not, and you can read for comprehension?

You couldn’t last time you quote me so…

If I can’t tell you I think the pitting is dumb then a pitting could never turn on the OP. Since pittings turn on OPs all the time it must be acceptable to tell someone their pitting is dumb, QED. You may not like it but this is not Burger King and you cannot have it your way. I suggest you take a deep breath and stop reading Opal’s posts. I guarantee you, you’ll see results within 5 threads she’s posted in or your money back.

i don’t think that’s a fair comparison actually. doing a quick search over the last 6ish months shows Guin posting a handful of times a day, usually no more than ten or so. that’s about 1/5 of what opal has been averaging lately. more to the point, as much as Guin’s posting style can grate, she’s harmless. opal is more, er, batshit-tweaked-out-of-her-mind-trail-of-destruction-crazymcbitchyvegetarianpants.

Excellent point about Pits turning on the OP. Personally, I don’t see that happening here, but YMMV. You and I simply disagree that the OP is dumb.

And as has been pointed out to you already, Opal’s recent posting history is massive, which brought the above-mentioned patterns out even more than in the past. In fact, I have stopped reading Opal’s posts and just skim over them, but there are so many, they are so ridiculous, and the patterns are so obvious. Ergo, the Pitting.

Ok, know I’m just confused, expecto. Do you think Opal’s posts are going to mug you? Burn your computer down? Throw rocks at the back of your head?

Well, it might be nice once in a while to read a thread that didn’t have an Opal post in it. Maybe that’s kolga’s crazy dream.

Also waybackwhen, Guin had the highest number of posts on the Dope. Like, by a couple thousand at least. I guess that’s what the comment was referring to.

That. Of course, if the post is on-topic, doesn’t contain thinly-veiled but completely obvious attention whoring, and doesn’t derail the thread, then I don’t have a problem.

And in other dreams, I wish for a pony.