I Pit Pipex - sellouts

Pipex sells out to Tiscali


Pipex are an ok ISP - I never had any issues, they let me do what I want and generally don’t interfere with my internet.

I had a connection with Tiscali at a flat I was living in. they were awful. I only hope I will be given the chance to move before my current regrade period runs out.
Shit shit shit shit shit

Si (first pitting - man it helps)

Pipex selling to Tiscali could be the best thing that has happened to me.

I pit Pipex for different reasons. The major being they have no idea what customer services are and they cannot operate their own damn accounts. The bloody idoits are threatening with legal action over payment for an account I upgraded. I pay more for service A and they try to charge me for my old B service aswell. Grrr :mad:

I used to be with Nildram before Adrian Mardlin sold out (I met him in BBS days and happenned to live within sight of their Aylesbury office). It ended up with Pipex. The service went to shit and I went elsewhere.