I pit public officials saying we are "blessed". Really?

So Georgia, where I live, is in the midst of a winter weather event today. Almost all sleet and freezing rain where I am, snow further north. So far, it hasn’t been (key phrase here) as bad as it could have been.

Before all is said and done we will likely still see an inch or so of ice. I’m listening to local news coverage on two or three local stations, flipping around to get different information. On at least 5 occasions so far, I’ve heard a local city/county representative say some version of the following:

So-and-so county has really been blessed so far that we haven’t received as much ice/snow/etc. as we could have.

So to be clear, they have received ice, they have received snow, there are people without power, there have been accidents. Trees have fallen on houses. You get the idea. But somehow, we are blessed because God chose not to SHIT on us as much. He is still shitting on us, but just not as much as he could, so therefore we are blessed!!!

I live in CA and God has blessed us with nice, warm weather.

He loves us more than He loves you!!!